All applications shall be made in the name of the workers’ organization.

The following are the requirements for accessing training grants:

  • proposal containing a detailed description of the project; its location / venue; the timetable for implementation; and itemized listing of projected expenses;
  • an undertaking to put up an equity of at least 10% of the project cost,
  • separate book of accounts
  • Memorandum of Agreement signed by the parties concerned or their authorized representatives

Criteria in selecting scholars for educational grants:

  • Endorsement by a registered labor organization; compliance with Department Order No. 26, series of 1995, and Department Order No. 5, series of 1998;
  • passing the screening process and interview by the WODP Training Team;
  • parents of the applicant scholar of labor federation earns a monthly income of thirteen thousand (Php 13,000.00); and
  • applicant scholar must have a general average of 80% or higher in fourth year high school. (D.O. 26 / D.O. 20-02)
  • submission of documentary requirements:
    1. two 1X1 ID pictures of applicant scholar
    2. original and photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of the applicant scholar’s parents of the officer / member of locals of labor federation or independent unions who earns a monthly income of P13,000 and below
    3. certification from the labor organization that the parent-officers/-members of two applicant scholars is a bona fide member of the organization
    4. original and photocopy of high school diploma or report card with general average of 80% or higher in fourth year high school
    5. photocopy of birth certificate of applicant scholar with local civil registry number (attach Baptismal Certificate if the Birth Certificate has no LCR no.)
    6. certificate of good health
    7. certificate of good moral character issued by the school principal or guidance counselor
    8. statement of applicant that he/she has not earned units in any post-secondary course
    9. duly accomplished application form
  • If the applicant qualifies, he/she should pass all his/her subjects (non-completion would make the sponsor organization liable to reimburse all the expenses or releases to the scholar)