Implementing agency:

International Labor Affairs Bureau (ILAB) / Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs)

The DOLE, through its POLOs, delivers a wide-range of on-site programs and services to promote and protect the rights and welfare of OFWs. Services include workers training, case management, custodial services, repatriation assistance, and other welfare assistance.

Workers’ training focuses on skills and entrepreneurial development to prepare OFWs for their reintegration when they return to the country. Case management covers conciliation-mediation services and legal assistance to address employment-related complaints or cases. The POLOs also provide temporary shelter to OFWs who ran away from their employers and are waiting for the resolution of their labor cases or eventual repatriation.

Repatriation assistance covers facilitation of immediate return to the Philippines of OFWs in conflict areas as well as those who are distressed, medically or mentally-ill or their human remains including their belongings. POLO officials also negotiate for necessary exit clearances and documentation, as well as coordination for airport assistance upon their arrival in the country.

Other welfare assistance includes hospital, jail or workplace visits, medical referrals or assistance, counselling, and rescue from unsafe working environment. Complementing these services is the 24/7 quick response to queries from OFWs, employers and other relevant entities.