The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has partnered with the private sector to boost employment generation through effective job matching with the joint development of a Philippine workforce profile.

In a memorandum of understanding signed yesterday, the DOLE together with the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PCCI), Servicio Filipino Inc. (SFI) Group of Companies, and Systems Technology Institute (STI) will jointly develop a standard workforce profile for the country.

Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said the partnership will enable DOLE to get a detailed skills and competency profile of the country’s workforce that would provide relevant and current labor market information for effective job and skills matching.

“Under the agreement, ECOP and PCCI shall collaborate and support the DOLE’s employment programs, such as JobStart, Philippine Talent Map Initiative (PTMI) and PhilJobNet,” Bello said.

Among its proposed responsibilities include information dissemination and roll-out of programs to its members, administration of programs’ activities, provision of necessary staff and technical support, and programs’ promotions, specifically the use of PhilJobNet for job matching and referrals.

SFI, on the other hand, shall provide the DOLE, ECOP and PCCI technical assistance in the administration of the Talent Map activities; and train identified administrators, interviewers, and coaches for the Talent Mapping. It shall also provide the three institutions with data access on the results of the Talent Map assessment.

For its part, DOLE shall provide ECOP and PCCI with information materials for dissemination, include the two institutions in the mailing list for activities announcement, serve as the overall coordinator of all PTMI activities, and provide slots for the employee-members of two institutional partners.

Meanwhile, to ensure the efficient conduct of the PTMI across target stakeholders, STI, SFI and DOLE will collaborate to improve the labor market information, assist in the curriculum development, and develop a publication containing the information on 21st century skills.

STI shall select and recommend respondents for the PTMI and provide venues for assessment, coaching and encoding of scores for its coaching sessions in the system.

It shall also coordinate the schedule for assessments and coaching sessions, provide meals during activities conducted, and assign students to use the Alpha Testing of the World of WerQ Portal and give feedback during its testing phase.

SFI, for its part, shall extend necessary support which includes the provision of online system to be used in the skills assessment; and a team to help in the administration of tests and conduct of training for coaching sessions.

SFI shall also provide the talent score card of all respondents; analytics from the analyzed/interpreted data, and access to the World of WerQ portal for its Alpha Testing.

On the other hand, DOLE, aside from being the overall coordinator of all PTMI activities, shall endorse SFI Group as its legitimate partner for the conduct of PTIMI activities.

It shall also provide STI with PTMI slots to be used for its sophomore and senior college students, technical-vocational students, and employees across its 77 campuses.

The responsibilities stipulated in the agreements with four institutional partners will be implemented by the DOLE’s Bureau of Local Employment.

END/Tim Laderas

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