For Philippine Employment Service Offices, popularly known as the PESOs, 2013 is a record-breaking year, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said yesterday.

“The PESOs in 2013 broke the record for jobseekers placed. As of 31 October, they have already placed 1,092,222 jobseekers to various jobs in the 3,199,656 job vacancies posted/solicited. This already surpasses the PESOs’ placement target of 1,025,574 by 6 percent, and the target for job vacancies posted/solicited of 2,764,233 by 15.75 percent for the entire 2013,” said Baldoz.

According to labor and employment chief, the 1,092,222 jobseekers placed for the January-October 2013 period is well comparable to the 1,152.228 jobseekers placed by the PESOs in the whole year of 2012.

The 2012 number of job vacancies posted/solicited by the PESOs was 3,194,009,lower by only 5,647 job vacancies than the 2013 PESOs accomplishment as of 31 October 2013.

Secretary Baldoz said she expects the number of jobseekers placed and the vacancies posted/solicited by the PESOs to still increase.

“November and December 2013 data are still being collated,” she said.

She explained that the PESOs were able to achieve the feat in 2013 due to the concerted efforts of all DOLE regional offices, local government units, and the PESOs themselves and their partners.

Another highlight of the PESOs’2013 accomplishment is the total number of jobseekers the PESOs referred for placement. As of 31 October, the number has reached 1,292,071 jobseekers, or 94.75 percent of the whole year target of 1,354,883 jobseekers referred.

“The number of jobseekers the PESOs refer for placement and the total number of jobseekers they actually place are major indicators of the PESOs’ performance because these give us a clear picture of how many jobseekers were assisted to land in decent and productive wage employment ,” Baldoz observed.

Data of the Bureau of Local Employment show that the top five PESOs that registered high numbers of jobseekers placed are those of Region 10, with 69,916, higher by 27,187, or 63 percent, than the target of 42,729; Caraga, with 82,941, up by 25,328, or 43 percent, than its target of 57,613; Region 3, with 170,840, up by 35,262, or 48 percent, than its target of 135,578; Region 7, with 94,495, higher by 30,365, or 41 percent, than its target of 64,130; and the National Capital Region, with 120,221, exceeding by 17,322, or 18 percent, its target of 102,899.

The PESOs whose numbers of jobseekers placed were below target are those of Region 4-B, whose number of jobseekers placed of 22,138 as of 31 October is lower by 12,278, or 35.6 percent, than its target of 34,416; Region 9, with 8,208, which is short by 3,461, or 29.6 percent, of its target of 11,669; Region 4-A, with 147,641, which is 25,599, or 14.7 percent, lower than its target of 173,240; Region 6, with jobseekers placed of 139,814, which is 25,096, or 15.2 percent, below its target of 164,910; and Region 11, with 37,121, which is lower by 14,189, or 27.6 percent, than its target of 51,310.

Two other PESOs–those of Regions 5 and 12, also fell short of their targets as to the number of jobseekers placed during the year. Region 5 placed only 17,659 jobseekers as against its target of 20,597; while Region 12 placed only 56,593 compared to its target of 57,937.

PESOs that solicited/posted higher numbers of vacancies, surpassing their targets set for 2013, are those of Region10; Caraga Region; Region 12; Cordillera Administrative Region; and Region 1.Also registering higher job vacancies posted/solicited are the PESOs of Region 4-B; 4-A, Region 3; Region 11; and Region 8.

As of  31 October, Region 10 has posted/solicited 140,502 job vacancies, an increase of 76,670, or 120 percent, over its whole year target of 63,832;Caraga Region, with 140,749 job vacancies, an increase of 75 percent, or 60,244, over its target of 80,505; Region 12, with 110,865 job vacancies, which is 36,102 higher than the regional target of 74,763, or 48 percent up; CAR, with 162,999 job vacancies, which is 37 percent, or 44,168 higher than its target; Region 1, with 130,407, which surpassed by 39,432, or 43 percent, its target of 90,975;

The five PESOs belonging to the bottom of the list with lower-than-target job vacancies posted/solicited are those of Region 9, whose 7,549 job vacancies posted/solicited is short by 9,678, or 56 percent, than its target of 17,227; Region 2, whose 17,895 vacancies posted/solicited fell short by 2,497 of its target of 20,392; Region 5, whose 36,486 job vacancies posted/solicited was 14 percent, or 5,749, lower than the target of 42,235; Region 6, whose 171,898 job vacancies posted/solicited was fewer by 11,623, or 6 percent, than its target of 183,521; and Region 7, whose 214,259job vacancies posted/solicited was lower than its target of 217,221 by only 2,962, or 1.36 percent.

Baldoz said that for 2014, the challenge to the PESOs are not only to surpass their targets, but to ensure the quality of jobs solicited and the qualifications of jobseekers for the right job at the right time.


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