In a bid to get a consensus among various labor groups on pressing issues including contractualization, Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III has ordered the holding of Mindanao and Visayas labor summits this month.


“We want the labor groups to provide recommendations and inputs on addressing issues concerning labor rights and standards, migration, women’s sector, informal sector, industrial policy and economic roadmap, wages, prices, and tax reforms,” Bello said.


The Mindanao leg will be held in Davao on November 11, while the Visayas summit will be on November 18 in Cebu City.


Bello said, “We want to get as many relevant inputs as possible. Through these summits, I am confident that labor can craft a unified proposal on contractualization.”


DOLE conducted the Luzon labor summit in Quezon City last month.


After the summits, officials will meet with representatives from both employers and labor to finalize a policy which will address contractualization.


Management groups had earlier presented a win-win proposal for businesses and workers in order to put a stop to end-of-contract or “endo” scheme. The proposal was quickly rejected by labor.



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