Brion zeroes in on role of human relations in workplace harmony, national productivity

Date Posted: April 13th, 2007 12:00 AM

Labor and Employment Secretary Arturo D. Brion has set into motion a new nationwide flagship program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) emphasizing human relations in the efforts to build a lasting industrial peace, and boost the country's productivity and global competitiveness.

Through seminars in the public and private sectors, Brion conducts the "LHP" (or labor relations, human relations, and productivity program), which puts human relations at the heart of the effort to promote harmony between labor and management, and subsequently the Filipino workers' productivity and competitiveness.

He said that kindness and compassion, sensitivity to the needs of others, communication and connectivity, motivation, and common sense, are highly necessary for workplace harmony and national productivity.

Two of the country's biggest firms, GMA-7 and the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), along with an increasing number of companies, have responded to the initiative by actively adopting the modules of the Brion-initiated LHP program for their management and employees.

Brion has also led the DOLE in setting the conduct of a continuing series of LHP seminars for its supervisors and employees.

"Through sincere, two way communication, we can avert and successfully resolve workplace conflicts, redounding to improved productivity and delivery of DOLE services," Brion said, adding, "Our common sense indicates that we must resort to our 'batas ng samahan' (or human relations) first, before 'batas ng bayan.'

"Good labor-management relations, plus harmonious human relations, equals productivity," the Labor Chief emphasized. He said that LHP revolutionizes the traditional labor education program to a more effective level focused on labor management education on employment relations.

Brion said that key DOLE agencies, such as the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC), Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR), and DOLE Regional Offices nationwide, are actively assisting firms in the new LHP movement across industries.

The BLR reported that more than 180 establishments with thousands of employees have now conducted their LHP seminars across the National Capital Region (NCR), Region 3 or Central Luzon, Region 4-A or CALABARZON, and other regions.

The NWPC, on the other hand, actively advocates for workers and employers in the private sector to become responsible partners in the attainment of productive, stable, and decent workplaces, through LHP's three core modules on labor relations, human relations, and productivity.

Brion said that the labor education program for both workers and employers now covers not just their rights and responsibilities, but also the necessary elements for a productive and harmonious workplace, such as work ethics, the values essential to productivity and competitiveness, as well as the development of communication skills.

Source: Information and Publication Service

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