To expedite DOLE’s emergency employment assistance to worker-beneficiaries affected by natural calamities or disasters, Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III ordered the exemption of workers from the provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and micro-insurance, provided that their employment do not fall under hazardous work.

In Administrative Order No. 54, Bello said the provision of PPEs, such as hat and t-shirt, and personal accident insurance to worker-beneficiaries will no longer be required, provided that the work do not fall under hazardous work as defined under Rule 1013 of the Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

The package of emergency assistance under the Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD) Program or Emergency Employment Program (EEP) used to require such provisions.

The TUPAD Program or EEP is a post-disaster intervention given to workers affected by natural calamities or disasters like typhoon, earthquake, and floods. It is a community-based package of assistance that provides emergency employment for displaced workers, underemployed, and unemployed poor, for a minimum period of 10 days, but not to exceed a maximum of 30 days, depending on the nature of work to be performed.

Under the rules on safety and health standards, the following are considered hazardous work:

(1) Where the nature of work exposes the workers to dangerous environmental elements, contaminants or work conditions including ionizing radiation, chemicals, fire, flammable substances, noxious components and the like;

(2) Where the workers are engaged in construction work, logging, firefighting, mining, quarrying, blasting, stevedoring, dock work, deep-sea fishing and mechanized farming;

(3) Where the workers are engaged in the manufacture or handling of explosives and other pyrotechnic products;

(4) Where the workers use or are exposed to power-driven or explosive powder actuated tools; and

(5) Where the workers are exposed to biologic agents such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoas, nematodes, and other parasites.


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