More heads are better than one.


This adage aptly describes the settlement of the notice of strike (NoS) involving Security Bank Corporation and its union as the team of RCMB-NCR Conciliator-Mediators composed of George Ridad and Amorsolo Aglibut, RCMB-NCR Director Edgar G. Aquino, and RCMB IV-B Director Jay Jasper Javines, with the guidance of no less than NCMB Executive Director Reynaldo R. Ubaldo, finally resolved the dispute in 99 days after the notice was filed.

In a report to Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, Ubaldo said the Security Bank Employees Union (SBEU), an affiliate of PTGWO, filed a notice of strike against the Bank on 18 November 2014, alleging bargaining deadlock.


During a meeting with Secretary Baldoz after the settlement, bank officials and union leaders thanked Baldoz and her team of NCMB conciliators-mediators for the DOLE efforts that had led to a satisfactory conclusion of the CBA negotiations and the settlement of the notice of strike.

“The case dragged on for a longer period because of the complexities of the deadlocked items and the emotions involved,” Ubaldo said.


“Actually the parties had met four (4) times since the filing of the notice before the Union decided to conduct a strike vote referendum on 29 January 2015, in an attempt to pressure management to at least soften its stand, but to no avail,” he added.


Faced with this challenge, Conciliator-Mediator George Ridad, who was assigned to handle the dispute, tried every trick in the book and continuously persuaded the parties to settle, but failed to effect a settlement.

He then thought of engaging the assistance of Conciliator-Mediator Amorsolo V. Aglibut, RCMB-NCR Director Edgar G. Aquino, and RCMB IV-B Director Javines. With the four acting as a team, and with the guidance of Executive Director Ubaldo, they were able to narrow the gap in the parties’ positions.

In the evening of 25 February 2015, they finally succeeded in convincing the parties to amicably settle their dispute.

“The parties agreed to an economic package of P73,884,000 that will benefit 800 employees of the Bank.  The package includes wage increase, union leave, longevity pay and signing bonus,” Ubaldo said.

“The Union and management also agreed to restore longevity pay, a benefit which the union used to enjoy before they mutually agreed to exclude it in their CBA,” he said further.

“The settlement averted a possible strike in one of the biggest banks in the country, which would affect not only their various clients but also thousands of its employees and their dependents,” Ubaldo added.

The settlement of this case demonstrates the effectiveness of team conciliation, a strategy often resorted to by the NCMB to resolve high profile cases. It also affirms the age-old maxim that tasks become lighter when two or more people work together in a spirit of teamwork.

Security Bank Corporation is located at 6776 SBC Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.  It employs 3000 employees. It is represented by its President, Mr. Alberto S. Villarosa.

END/Renato R. Cañutal, RCMB NCR

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