March 2022 Labor Force Survey
6 May 2022

The latest labor force survey indicates an accelerated momentum of recovery of the labor market.

Results of the March 2022 survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority show an increase of 2.6% or 1.244M in the economically active workforce. Similarly, it recorded the highest employment rate since the pandemic at 94.2% or 46.975M employed workers, translating to an employment gain of 1.495M since February 2022 (45.480M or 93.6%). The unemployment rate also significantly decreased to 5.8% or 2.875M unemployed in March 2022, compared to 6.4% or 3.126M in February 2022. However, the underemployment rate slightly increased to 15.8% or 7.422M underemployed workers in March 2022 which is higher than February 2022 with 14.0% or 6.382M.

These figures encourage us to do more within our remaining days in office and continue our efforts as we transition to a new administration.

During our Labor Day celebration last week, DOLE, as co-chair of the National Employment Recovery Strategy (NERS) Task Force, organized a Job Summit where several initiatives toward job generation were formalized.

This includes the partnership with the private sector through the Employers Confederation of the Philippines titled “Beyond 1 Million Jobs: Create. Sustain. Transform.” The partnership seeks to create more decent, productive, and quality jobs and equip workers with the right skills, competencies, and tools in order to meet the skills needs of industries.

Labor sector commitment has also been secured to further strengthen and support the NERS. DOLE will also look into the agenda presented by the labor sector, as presented in the Job Summit and build upon them as deemed feasible.

Lastly, DOLE and ILO teamed up to improve the safety and health of workers in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the non-metropolitan regions of the country. This is also meant to mitigate the negative socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 crisis through training on occupational safety and health (OSH), and digitalization of business operations such as digital entrepreneurship, e-commerce strategies and digital financial literacy through the “Building Back Jobs Safely” project.

With the pandemic situation now under control, we take this as an advantage to push forward and actively support initiatives towards sustained improvement and recovery of our labor market. # # #


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