“The enhanced Phil-JobNet has evolved even more. It is now more user-friendly. And it is available in Google Play Store, for free!”

This was the statement of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday as she prepared to travel to General Santos City for a DOLE big event, the 14th National PESO Congress.

Baldoz said the government’s web-based job matching facility and labor market information portal, the Phil-JobNet, has branched out to a mobile application system which is now in full operation.

“The enhanced Phil-JobNet, complete with its enriched features, will enable jobseekers to efficiently look for the right job on a 24/7 basis, even while on the go,” Baldoz said, adding that jobseekers can just simply download and install the application at Google Play Store, and voila, they can instantly search for the best jobs with the use of their tablets and smart phones in seconds.

Baldoz said Quantum X, Inc., one of the five private sector partners that have signed a memorandum of agreement with the DOLE last September, developed the Phil-JobNet mobile application. As of press time, a thousand users have downloaded the mobile app, which has recorded an approval rating of 4.2 out of the maximum 5 stars.

In a report to the Secretary, Director Tutay said the mobile application carries some of the first-rate original features of the Phil-JobNet website. Among these features, located at the uppermost left side of the application, are: (a) search jobs icon; (b) news articles; (c) publications; (d) career information resources; (e) job searching tips; and (f) job fair schedules.

Director Tutay admitted though that while there may have been mixed reviews on the effectiveness of the Phil-JobNet mobile app, the BLE, which administers the PhilJobNet, continues to enhance the same.

“Please be a little patient,” she tells the users. “Know that this is a bold innovation we took to enhance access to career guidance and improve the government’s employment facilitation service. Feel free to leave your comments and we will gladly work on it.”

The Phil-JobNet has functioned continuously for more than a decade since it was first launched in 1998. In 2012, the BLE started to enhance the system to make it more user-friendly, functional, utilitarian, and inter-active.

On 17 September 2014, the DOLE, through the BLE, entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with SFI Group of Companies, Career Hub Network Corporation, JobStreet Philippines Inc., Quantum X, Inc., and The Now Group, Inc. in a bid to expand access to LMI. This ongoing effort of the BLE to establish cooperative and collaborative links with private sector partners has a theme, ‘Working Together to Build a Better Labor Market Information System’.

The agreements calls on private sector companies, as part of their corporate social responsibility and human resource development agenda, to develop and provide platforms that would promote effective matching of the available jobs with the right people, such as the Phil-Job.Net mobile application.

Toward this end, Baldoz commended the DOLE’s partners, saying “signals from the labor market echoed by the more dynamic Labor Market Information System (LMIS) in the country makes job matching easier”.

“It would remarkably help our youth create sound career paths; jobseekers to find decent employment opportunities corresponding to their available skills; and industries to fill their manpower needs,” she said.


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