News Release

Department of Labor and Employment

7 April 2019


Recognition for industrial peace up   


Recognizing the important role of enterprises in maintaining industrial peace, the National Conciliation and Mediation Board launched recently the search for enterprises with outstanding labor-management relations and dispute resolution mechanisms.


Dubbed “The 2019 Search for Outstanding Labor-Management Cooperation for Industrial Peace and Outstanding Grievance Machinery for Industrial Peace,” the search aims to highlight the efficacy of Labor-Management Cooperation and Grievance Machinery mechanisms in the resolution of issues and concerns at the company level, resulting to improved workplace relations, workers’ job satisfaction, improved productivity, and good business performance.


The search is open to both organized and unorganized establishments.


Nominees for the Outstanding Labor-Management Cooperation should be implementing a Labor-Management Cooperation program under its workplace mechanism for communication and worker’s participation for at least three years.


Meanwhile, nominees for the Outstanding Grievance Machinery should be implementing dispute resolution practices in the prevention and settlement of disputes or has functional grievance machinery for at least three years.


The company must also be duly registered with the appropriate government agency such as Department of Trade and Industry, Securities and Exchange Commission, etc; and not a party to pending labor standards case at any DOLE Regional Office or a respondent to a pending case at NCMB.


Interested companies shall submit the accomplished Nomination/Application Form, together with the supporting documentary requirements, to the nearest Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch on or before May 23, 2019, for the Labor-Management Cooperation category and on or before April 30, 2019, for the Grievance Machinery category.


Nominees for Outstanding Labor-Management Cooperation will be judged based on the organization of the Labor-Management Cooperation, strategic partnership, and corporate viability.


For those in the Outstanding Grievance Machinery, meanwhile, they will be judged based on their management policy, commitment and employees’ support to the grievance management system, grievance management procedure, skills and motivations of parties, and effectiveness of outcomes.


The national finalists and awardees will be recognized at the 12th National LMC Convention to be held in November 2019.


The Search for Outstanding Grievance Machinery, which was previously called Search for Best Enterprise-Based Dispute Resolution Practices, started in 2013; while the Search for Outstanding LMC for Industrial Peace started in 1998.




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