Press Statement
Department of Labor and Employment
Labor Attaché Fidel V. Macauyag
POLO Taichung/International Labor Affairs Bureau
25 April 2020

We are constrained to act for the deportation of a Filipina working as caregiver in Taiwan for the crime of cyber libel for willful posting of nasty and malevolent materials against President Duterte on Facebook intended to cause hatred amidst the global health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The caregiver, Elanel Egot Ordidor, is employed in Yunlin County, Taiwan.

On 20 April 2020, we went to her workplace to enlighten her that her actions amounted to a crime for which she might be prosecuted both in Taiwan and the Philippines.

Ordidor was cooperative and cordial at first and committed to delete all her uploaded videos against the President and promised not to do it again. She also promised to upload a video of her public apology to the President and to the people in the government at 9 pm of the same day.

However, hours after the visit, several posts were seen on the POLO Taichung’ Facebook page from several fake accounts assuring Ms. Ordidor’s cause and further giving her assurance of support.

It has come to our knowledge that Ms. Ordidor is using several social media accounts, among which are Lenale Elanel Egot, Mha Lan Dee, Linn Silawan and Hampas Lupa and has a group organized to discredit and malign the President and destabilize the government.

Due to her acts, POLO coordinated with her broker and employer on her deportation on the basis of the gravity of Ordidor’s offense under Philippine Law. The sharing and posting of such videos are punishable under Cyber libel under Republic Act No. 10175. END


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