President Benigno S. Aquino III will confer on Monday, 10 February, the Presidential Award of Excellence to five licensed overseas recruitment companies in a simple awarding ceremony to be held at the Rizal Hall of Malacañan Place in Manila.

Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz announced this yesterday, saying the Presidential Award of Excellence is the highest honor bestowed upon a licensed overseas recruitment agency in a three-tiered reward system for private recruitment agencies that exemplify the highest standards of ethical recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers for overseas employment.

“I initiated this reward system when I was POEA Administrator pursuant to Proclamation No. 1519, series of 2008. Now, we are continuing with the awards,” said Baldoz.

The other awards  given to outstanding recruitment agencies are the Top Performer Award and the Award of Excellence. To qualify for the Top Performer Award, an agency should be in operation for at least four years. The Award of Excellence is given to an agency that has been conferred the Top Performer Award three times.

The Presidential Award of Excellence is bestowed an agency that has been a recipient of the Award of Excellence at least five times.

POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac said the recipients of the Presidential Award for this year are Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Co. of Manila, Inc., EDI Staffbuilders International, Inc., and International Skill Development, Inc. from the land-based sector, and Anglo-Eastern Crew Management Phils., Inc. and United Philippine Lines, Inc. from the sea-based sector.

Secretary Baldoz will present the Awards of Excellence and Top Performer Awards to 13 select licensed land-based and sea-based agencies for their outstanding performance in the overseas employment and manning industries.

Cacdac said recruitment agencies are evaluated on a four-year cycle on the basis of the following criteria: volume and quality of deployment; agency management and recruitment capability; compliance with recruitment rules and regulations; industry leadership and pioneering achievements and contribution to developing overseas employment policies; and social awareness and responsibility.

He said  the recipients of Awards of Excellence are Abba Personnel Inc., CF Sharp Crew Management Inc., Baliwag Navigation Inc., KJGS Fleet Management Manila Inc., Magsaysay MOL Marine Inc., Marlow Navigation Phils Inc., OSM Maritime Services Inc., Pacific Ocean Manning Inc., and Sea Power Shipping Enterprises Inc.

The Top Performer Awards will be presented to RRJM International Manpower Services Inc., Crossworld Marine Services Inc., Maersk-Filipinas Crewing Inc., and Scanmar Maritime Services Inc.

“This year’s awards highlight ethical recruitment as central to achieving excellence, with the theme “Achieving Excellence through Ethical Recruitment in the Service of Overseas Filipino Workers”, Baldoz said.

“It goes without saying that each and every award winner is an ethical recruiter,” she added.

According to Cacdac, ethical recruitment adheres to conduct of recruitment business and activities within the prevailing legal framework and processes.
“It means recruitment emphasizing the rights of persons as human beings and as workers, thereby shielding them from abuse, exploitation and discrimination. Ethical recruitment, likewise, fosters cooperation between and among stakeholders in overseas employment, which, in turn, promotes transparency, good faith, and accountability,” he explained.

Aside from trophies, the awardees will also enjoy a package of incentives that include extension of validity of licenses, exemption from authentication/ verification by the Philippine Embassy/ Philippine Overseas Labor Office, and other perks depending on their awards category.

Baldoz said the challenge now for the awardees is to shine brighter as beacons of hope and ethical recruitment among their peers in the industry.

“Indubitably, the honor bestowed upon deserving recruitment agencies transcends the glory of accolades and prestige, and should eventually raise the bar of recruitment standards for the better protection of overseas Filipino workers,” she finally said.

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