The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) renewed its warning against the use of falsified documents to support applications for overseas jobs by Filipino workers.

In an advisory over the weekend, POEA reiterated its concern over reports and complaints by foreign employers on fake or altered certificates of employment of OFWs recruited and deployed for the Middle East and other countries.

The scheme, POEA said, involves the submission of fake or altered employment certificates of job applicants, in some cases perpetrated by some licensed recruitment agencies with the consent of the worker, to reflect compliance with work experience and training requirements of employers.

Primary source verification, however, reveals that some applicants had not undergone nor completed training programs, or had not been employed by companies or institutions issuing such certification.

The malpractice endangers the welfare of OFWs and exposes them to possible deportation, detention and blacklisting which could deny them future employment in other countries, POEA said.

It also reminded all licensed recruitment agencies of their duly notarized undertaking executed by their officers to select and deploy only medically fit and competent workers and to adhere to ethical standards in the recruitment and deployment of workers.

POEA further cautioned placement agencies to exercise due diligence in verifying the authenticity of documents submitted by job applicants.

Both workers and recruitment agencies should be aware of possible administrative and criminal liabilities arising from violation of relevant laws and rules and regulation on overseas employment, POEA warned.



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