The “clear winners” and main beneficiaries in the unprecedented decline of the country’s strike incidence level to only 25 this year, the lowest in 26 years, are the Filipino workers, the establishments and investors, and the economy, Labor and Employment Secretary Patricia A. Sto. Tomas today said.

In a report to Sto. Tomas, the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) said the 25 strikes registered nationwide as of December 22 this year are also 34 percent lower than the 38 cases declared in the same period last year.

The labor and employment chief credited the DOLE’s relentless efforts to resolve and settle labor-management disputes, together with the cooperation and support given by major and responsible labor confederations, unions, and employers to the President’s priority on social harmony and peace, in the vigor and solidity of industrial relations.

“Together, with the continuous decline of strike incidence in the country in the past three years, we are confident that the course of industrial democracy and labor-management relations in our country is on a sound and stable track, and will persist positively to complement the government’s economic goals,” she said.

The NCMB reported that during the first three weeks of December, only two additional strikes were declared in the National Capital Region. These were at the United Dockhandlers, Inc. with some 24 workers affected; and the Pius XII Catholic Center with 42 workers.

NCMB said that during the three-week period in review, the Secretary of Labor had assumed jurisdiction over the labor-management dispute at Zamboanga Del Sur Maritime Institute, adding that the work stoppages at Sun Ever Light Philippines, Inc., United Dockhandlers, Inc., and the Pius XII Catholic Center were all successfully disposed.

“Thus, at the end of December’s first three weeks, all these work stoppages were successfully resolved for a total 100 percent disposition rate,” the agency said.

On top of the cases resolved, the NCMB added that eight notices of strike were also successfully settled during the period in the following companies: Daan Ginto Corporation, Himmel Industries, Inc., Integrated Global Operations, Kawsek Inc., Manila Bay Hosiery Mills, Inc.

In its report, the NCMB said the decline in strikes was complemented by a nine percent reduction in strike notices to only 551 this year, compared to 602 last year. Due to prompt responses, most of the notices failed to materialize into strikes.

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