Impressed at ‘new level of professionalism’
PBCOM lauds DOLE for new Labor Laws Compliance System

Ma. Christina M. Bonifacio, First Vice President-Human Resources Group of Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCOM), has expressed the bank’s collective gratitude to Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz and commended her for working with the banking industry to ensure the industry’s compliance with all labor laws.

“We were happy to be assigned to the CAMANAVA Field Office (and) meet good people who were interested to help us comply with the laws rather than catch us doing something wrong,” wrote Ms. Bonifacio in an e-mail to Engr. Jeremiah L. Red, a member of the team of labor laws compliance officers from the DOLE’s CAMANAVA Field Office that conducted the joint assessment at PBCOM under the new Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS).

“We were all the more impressed at the new level of professionalism exhibited by all,” she said.

The LLCS is a flagship program inspired and initiated by Secretary Baldoz to reform the country’s labor inspectorate system from the traditional “police-like” regulatory approach toward a combination of developmental and regulatory approaches that foster a culture of voluntary compliance with and enforcement of all labor laws and regulations, as well as with occupational safety and health standards through the active participation of workers and employers’ representative and the Labor Laws Compliance Officer.

A wide-ranging reform on the labor inspection system, the new Labor Laws Compliance System is embodied in D.O. No. 131-13, and was tripartite-endorsed reform.

The joint assessment is one of three main approaches under the LLCS to assess an establishment’s compliance with general labor laws, including occupational safety and health standards and child labor laws. Aside from the joint assessment, the DOLE also uses as an approach compliance visits and OSHS investigations. It also uses the group approach in which businesses with branches, such as banks, hotels, and fast food chains, are assessed for compliance.

The DOLE’s CAMANAVA Field Office jointly assessed the PBCOM and found the bank and its 38 branches compliant with general labor standards and occupational safety and health standards. It was issued a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) on 21 November 2014.

“Thank you for restoring our trust in government servants . . . for helping us adhere to our laws for our company’s benefit, and most of all, for the benefit of our employees,” Bonifacio said in her e-mail.

Secretary Baldoz commended the DOLE-NCR headed by Regional Director Alex Avila and DOLE CAMANAVA Field Office Director Andrea Cabansag for the positive impression that the PBCOM has given the LLCS.

“This should inspire all of us to give our best to our job for the good of our office, the LLCS as an institution, our clients, and our country. As I said, the new LLCS is a system we developed so our clients can own it and make it easier for them to comply with labor laws and conduct their business with no corruption from the DOLE,” Baldoz said.

END/Richard G. Valenzuela

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