Phil-Job.Net attracts partner in PH’s leading company index provider
Partnership opens up employment opportunities with Japanese companies in PH, says Baldoz

Hallo Hallo, Inc., a Japanese-owned online job vacancy list and company index provider in the Philippines yesterday became the newest partner of the Department of Labor and Employment in providing career and employment opportunities for job seekers and in facilitating employers’ search for qualified manpower through the Internet.

“Our effort at further improving the Phil-Job.Net system and expanding our people’s access to career guidance and labor market information must be effective that private companies are taking serious notice. A lot of them are falling in line to partner with us in the Phil-Job.Net,” said Baldoz during the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the DOLE and Hallo Hallo, Inc. in Intramuros, Manila.

The Phil-Job.Net, the government’s online platform for job search and job matching portal, has been enhanced since last year and can now be downloaded as a mobile application for iOs and Android devices.

Hallo Hallo, Inc., founded on 30 March 2012 by Japanese businessman Yasunari Okada, is an e-commerce-focused business whose goal is to make the lives of Filipinos easier by providing new online service approaches.

It now operates under the umbrella of the Hallo Hallo Alliance an online shopping site, Hallo Hallo Mall, which allows big and small merchants and aspiring entrepreneurs to open a shop on its site and market them. It also operates Hallo Hallo Town, an online index to all restaurant and restaurant services in the Philippines which has evolved into a group buying and delivery site.

It’s most recent alliance member is Hallo Hallo Job, an online job vacancy listing site that allows business owners to register their companies, their products, services, and job vacancies at no cost. It also allows workers and professionals to create profile accounts for employment possibilities, also for free. Hallo Hallo Job was launched in beta version on 1 April 2014 and has rapidly indexed a lot of companies in the Philippines which are available for browsing or viewing by the public.

In her brief remarks before the signing of the memorandum of agreement, Secretary Baldoz said the active participation of the private sector is of key importance to realize the DOLE’s objective of expanding the reach of labor market information, career guidance, and employment facilitation services.

“Our engagement with private sector partners are always aimed at enhancing and improving the delivery of our programs and services to reach as many Filipino workers as much as possible—most effectively and at the least burden or effort from them,” she said.

“The tie-up between the DOLE, through the BLE, and Hallo Hallo Inc. demonstrates our interest in establishing partnerships with the private sector to make employment opportunities available and accessible to Filipino job seekers,” she added.

In his response, Mr. Okada said his company is continuously innovating towards a modern and smart service approach to help improve the lives of every Filipinos.

“Hallo Hallo Job is our third website and we aim to be the largest online company index and job vacancy listing in the Philippines. Hallo Hallo Job offers absolutely free online directory of companies, services, and job vacancy listing for online public information,” he said.

According to BLE Director Dominique R. Tutay, Hallo Hallo Job will help DOLE expand the reach of the Phil-Job.Net and enable job seekers to access more employment opportunities, especially in Japanese-owned companies in the Philippines.

“Hallo Hallo Inc.’s updated and detailed online company index, as well as its online job vacancy postings, will further beef up our jobs facilitation efforts,” she said, noting that Hallo Hallo Job has a massive directory of private and public businesses spread across industries.


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