News Release

Department of Labor and Employment

5 December 2018


P3B in settled disputes for 19k workers

The labor department has sustained a stable industrial climate by resolving cases involving close to P3 billion in collective bargaining benefits and other monetary claims covering 19,354 workers from January to October 2018.  Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said the labor disputes were settled using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms that ensure efficiency and fairness and bereft of the long legal proceedings in labor row resolution. p>  “Alternative dispute resolution is our strategy in ensuring speedy delivery of labor justice. DOLE stands firm on sustaining industrial peace through the fast settlement of labor disputes,” he said. p>  Officer-in-Charge Maria Teresita Cancio of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) reported that 3,055 requests for assistance (RFAs) on Single Entry Approach (SEnA) were settled resulting to P168,882,908 monetary benefit to 4,507 workers. p>  On the preventive meditation (PM), Cancio said the NCMB resolved 378 cases of 412 handled cases resulting in P124,262,771 monetary benefits to 2,096 workers. p>  The NCMB Officer-in-Charge also reported that 141 cases on the notices of strike/lockout (NS/L) were settled with monetary benefits amounting to P1,194,572,326 to 11,608 workers.   She added that the decrease in work-disruptive industrial dispute resulted in 2,145,330 man-days saved. p>  NCMB also reported that 10 cases out of 13 handled cases on actual strikes/lockout were settled and resulted in P459,058,580 benefits to 432 workers. p>  On the voluntary arbitration (VA), NCMB handled 606 cases and disposed of 357 VA cases resulting in P1,036,040,438 monetary benefits to 711 workers. p>  Bello meanwhile underscored the importance of Labor-Management Cooperations (LMCs) and Grievance Machineries (GM) in companies that helped in resolving disputes through its promotion of good labor-management relations. p>  He said 3,214 companies with LMCs and 3,793 with active GMs did not report any cases of actual strike/lockout, notice of strike/lockout, and preventive meditation during the period. END/aldm

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