Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday commended the DOLE-National Capital Region for its fast action on the plight of the construction workers displaced at the Torre de Manila Residential Condominium Project as a result of the temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court that effectively halted work at the project.She also lauded the DMCI for its cooperation with the DOLE-NCR in finding employment for its workers on the project by re-assigning and accommodating them in its other on-going projects.


Citing a report of Regional Director Alex Avila, Baldoz said the work closure order at the project had resulted to the temporary displacement of 425 workers, as follows: masons (154); carpenters (93); laborers (132); engineers (13); other administrative, motor pool, and line and grade workers (33).


“The DMCI, through Tristan Simbulan, custodian of the company’s Asset Management Group, has coordinated with us on the plight of its workers and assured us the company is re-assigning the 425 workers to its other projects to prevent possible displacement,” said Avila in his report. In fact, it has already re-assigned 209 of the 425 workers.


“According to Mr. Simbulan, the DMCI is closely coordinating with its sub-contractors relative to the re-employment and re-assignment of the remaining workers to other DMCI projects,” he added.


Avila said that a quick reaction team from the DOLE-NCR, which he dispatched after the Supreme Court issued its order, and led by Labor Laws Compliance Officer Ramon Martinez, bared there are no more workers at the project site except for security guards on duty.


However, Director Avila also said he had endorsed 10 DMCI sub-contractors to various DOLE offices in areas where these sub-contractors have their principal offices for joint assessment under the new Labor Laws Compliant System to ensure that they comply with all labor laws and occupational safety and health standards.


Two other DMCI subcontractors have been assessed by the DOLE-NCR last March, and one of them, Gentry Specialty Building Solution, which constructs partitions/divisions, was found to have no general labor standards and occupational safety and health deficiencies.


The other subcontractor, Dumduma Construction and Trading Corporation, a re-bar specialist, was found to have the following general labor standards deficiencies: (1) non-presentation of employment records of 14 of its 22 employees; (2) non-coverage/remittance to SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG premiums; (3) underpayment of minimum wage; (4) non-payment of night shift premium pay; (5) and no nti-sexual harassment policy and program.


On occupational safety and health, the company was found to be deficient for its non-registration with Rule 1020; lack of administrative reports on safety and health; no safety committee; no policies and programs on drug-free, hepatitis B, TB, and HIV/AIDS.


As to DMCI itself, he said the company has already been assessed by LLCOs Engrs. Alejandro Delfin Fresnosa and Eduvigis Acero who have noted the following deficiencies: (1) no full time physician and dentist for 500 employees; (2) insufficient bed capacity for clinic; (3) with imminent danger/situation area; (4) no railing on 36th floor which poses a risk to falling and tripping; (5) worn-out PPEs for workers; (6) non-submission of monthly summary of safety and health meetings/agreements; (7) no policies and guidelines for HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis B prevention; and (8) no drug-free policy and program.


“Ensure that you monitor the implementation of the corrective plans of action agreed upon between the DOLE’s LLCOs, union, and management of these companies,” said Baldoz. Under the new LLCS, establishments found with general labor standards deficiencies are given 30 days to correct them and 90 days to correct OSHS deficiencies.


To the DOLE PAPAMAMARISAN Field Office, Avila said he had endorsed for joint assessment Spec Master, an electrical subcontractor, with 45 workers; to the DOLE Quezon City Field Office, he had endorsed Alpha Plumbing (plumbing, 43 workers); JBLS Trading and Construction (painting works, 22 workers); Raya Service Resources, Inc. (security, 6 workers); and Basic Affiliates (medical services).


To the DOLE Makati-Pasay Field Office, he had endorsed for joint assessment Pulser Enterprises, Inc. (smoke detection, two workers) and Rich Free Trading Development (painting, 22 workers) and to the DOLE MUNTAPARLAS Field Office, he had endorsed SEAPAC Phils., Inc. (glass/aluminium, eight workers) and FRS Construction (railings installer, 10 workers).


To the DOLE CAMANAVA Field Office, he had endorsed Crane Cat Trading and Services (ventilation and ducting, seven workers).


Avila said he is still to endorse to DOLE Regional Office No. 4-A are Raichelle Builders (masonry, 22 workers) and J2K Construction Services (masonry, five workers).



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