“Our 81st Anniversary is sure to paint the town red as the best and brightest offices and employees in the firmament of the Department of Labor and Employment will be given the well-deserved honor and recognition on 8 December.”

This is the message of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, who said this year’s celebration of the DOLE’s foundation day shall focus on recognizing the outstanding performance of DOLE offices and personnel, as well as the milestones and innovations in DOLE Programs and Services.

“We have all been through a lot in the past years and I know how hard we have been working to ensure that the Department’s goals are met. We recognize that our team have consistently achieved, and often exceeded, our expectation. Such high performance must not go unnoticed,” Baldoz said.

The award and recognition activity is part of the DOLE Programs on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence, or DOLE PRAISE, as embodied under the Administrative Order 196, Series of 2005, which provides that “heads of cluster/offices are not precluded in establishing or identifying other types of awards and may package their own program of monetary and non-monetary program of rewards.”

Among the awards and recognition to be given is the Outstanding DOLE Regional Office which has the following criterir three DOLE Regional Offices will be picked for the Milestone Award, an award recognizing the outstanding performance in DOLE Programs and Services from 2011 to 2013 based on a separate criteria as follows: consistency of performance, 60 percent, and innovations, 40 percent.

For the Outstanding DOLE Personnel, nominees from each office/agency are required to submit critical incident report, client feedback report, and narration of peers, superiors, and subordinates.

They will be evaluated on the exemplary service in each core values described in the DOLE Code of Conduct, as follows: (a) duty above all; (b) objectivity and integrity; (c) loyalty above personal interest; and (d) excellence.

To qualify for the Secretary’s Best Documentary Award, DOLE’s regional offices, attached agencies, services, and bureaus must submit an entire video documentation three to five minutes long that is focused on the theme, “Higit pa sa Tagumpay at Reporma, ang DOLE mas Makabuluhan, mas Nadarama.”

The Secretary’s Best Documentary Award is a creative and relevance-driven award that seeks to recognize the finest and exemplary milestones in the DOLE programs. It seeks to highlight the effect and impact of such DOLE programs to the lives of its beneficiaries; thus, putting emphasis on the demonstration of quality, integrity, creativity, and over-all excellence of  DOLE offices.

The video will be judged based on the following criteria: (1) Audio-Visual Presentation, 35 percent; (2) Originality and Theme Relevancy, 40 percent; and (3) Audience Appeal, 25 percent.

Lastly, the Special Citations Award shall be conferred to DOLE Attached Agencies that have undertaken significant innovations in their programs and services that resulted improvements in the delivery of services to the clients as a result of reduced process cycle time and better access of clients.

On this note, the labor and employment chief said:

“I am truly grateful of your willingness to go the extra mile in public service. This is just the beginning.  I challenge you to further strengthen this cooperative attitude and commitment in facilitating decent and productive employment for the country to achieve inclusive growth.”

“As early as l Safety and Health Center, Quezon City.  There will be also celebrations in the DOLE’s regional offices.


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