Clients in the second semester of 2014 expressed general satisfaction on the quality of DOLE’s services delivered, and their satisfaction was also high for physical facilities, but Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz insisted to all DOLE officials and frontline employees on more improvements.


“We have to live daily by our continuing quest for excellence. Excellence is doing ordinary things the extra-ordinary way,” she said after she received the report of DOLE Undersecertary Rebecca Chato on the second-half of 2014’s implementation of R.A. 9485, or the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) of 2007. Chato’s report included results of the Citizen’s Feedback required by the ARTA.


In her report, Undersecretary Chato said client satisfacton, as a component of good governance, has always been the primary focus of the DOLE in the delivery of frontline programs and services.


“We measure such to alow the Department to understand and determine where to take actions to improve servide delivery,” she said.


In the DOLE Central Office, it is the Financial and Management Service that is taked to continuosly monitor and analyze the results of the Citizen’s Feedback, which are forms that reflect comments, responses, and sentiments of the public transacting official business with the DOLE.


For the second half of 2014, the FMS identified the following areas or “drivers” of satisfaction that the transacting public rated in the Citizen’s Feedback forms: problem/inquiry was solved/answered; problem/inquiry was promptly attended to; problem/inquiry was courteously attended to; and complete information about inquiry was provided.


In these quality of services area, and overwhelming majority, or 80 percent, of the clients said their problem/inquiry was solved; 76 percent said their problem/inquiry was promptly attended to; 72 percent said their problem/inquiry was courteously attended to; and 76 percent said they obtained complete information about their inquiry when they transacted business with the Central Office.


On the quality of facilities, the identified areas or “drivers” of satisfaction that the transacting public rated were the following: signage, receiving area, cleanliness and orderliness, and restroom.


An overwhelming majority, or 80 percent, expressed satisfaction on DOLE signages; 80 percent also expressed satisfaction on the receiving areas and on the cleanliness and orderliness of the facilities. However, only 76 percent were satisfied with the restrooms, with one client commenting on the lack of a restroom at the Public Assistance and Complaints Unit.


One client also made the following observation: “I an an OFW and underpaid. Government assistance is made through institutions, and the amounts extended are small that this could not even meet my needs. This is maybe due to our level of economic development. I suggest we elect a new Office of the Secretary for OFWs.”


Secretary Baldoz said that since the law took effect, the DOLE in the Central Office have embarked on ARTA initiatives and continues to monitor them, including the installation of an electronic billboard displaying the DOLE Citizen’s Charter during office hours; regualr updating of the Charter on the names and position titles of persons responsible, their addresses, and their contact details; availability of the Charter and the feedback forms in physical copies and on the DOLE website; installation and maintenance of dropboxes; regular gathering and recording of accomplished forms; manning of the PACU with frontline personnel who observes the no-lunch-break policy; and maintenance of anti-fixer signage, DOLE vision-mission-performance pledge and copies of the Charter in designated areas.




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