One hundred sixty workers of the Dong In Employees Association  – Obrero-Pilipino stand to benefit  from the settlement of the notice of strike filed by their union against Dong In Entech K-1, NCMB Executive Director Reynaldo R. Ubaldo yesterday said.

In a report to Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis Baldoz, Ubaldo said the parties have agreed to a settlement package worth P 7 million for the first 3 years of their CBA, which covers the period April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2016.

The union filed a notice of strike on August 30, 2013, on grounds of bargaining deadlock, specifically wage increase, signing bonus, meal allowance, rice subsidy, seniority pay, and education and research fund. It also alleged the company of unfair labor practice, particularly  violation of DO 18-A.

Ubaldo said con-med Onofre S. Bautista succeeded in crafting a mutually acceptable solution to the impasse and thus prevented what could have been a costly strike in one of the leading manufacturing companies in Central Luzon.

“Bautista had to exert extra efforts to find a mutually acceptable solution to the dispute, especially since the union was able to get majority support for a strike,” Ubaldo said.

The union conducted  a strike balloting among its members on September 23, 2013.

Bautista did not labor in vain as his efforts bore positive results, with the parties agreeing to a truce on October 4, 2013.

Salient features of the agreement include the following;

1)     Wage increase of P15.00/day for the 1st year, P17.00/day for the 2nd year, and P20.00/day for the 3rd year;
2)     A signing bonus of P750 to be given on or before October 25, 2013; and
3)     Lumpsum of P2,200/employee representing back wages.

The parties agreed to negotiate starting April 1, 2015 on the union’s proposals on meal allowance, rice subsidy, education and research fund and seniority pay.

Ubaldo commended RCMB-III conciliator-mediator Onofre B. Bautista for facilitating the settlement of the  dispute in just 35 days from its filing.

“This once again demonstrates that the win win solution is still the best option in labor dispute resolution.  Clearly, conciliation-mediation is working to the advantage and benefit of our country’s workers and employers thru amicable settlement of labor disputes,” Ubaldo said.

The company  manufactures  backpacks and is located in Mariveles, Bataan. It has more or less 1,500 employees.    The union  represent the 160  workers in the bargaining unit.  It is affiliated with Obrero-Pilipino.

END/Diadema A. Aguirre, Othello B. Tongio Jr. and William E. Calina

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