A Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia who has been missing since January 11 was found dead after he reportedly met an accident, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said on Thursday.

Acting Labor and Employment Secretary Manuel G. Imson said 40-year-old Suelito Cabal Leong figured in a vehicular accident on the day he was reported missing.

Witnesses rushed Leong to Mamfoha Iman Hospital in Riyadh but died the following day due to body injuries.

The victim, a power technician at Detecon Al Saudia Co., was reported missing January 11 after he failed to return to the company headquarters for the electromechanical workshop.

He was driving a Toyota Corolla car when he left the company.

Imson said a big breakthrough as to Leong’s whereabouts came Wednesday night when a Filipina nurse in the kingdom “tipped” labor officials in Riyadh that a Filipino died in their hospital.

The identity of the Filipina nurse was not immediately known.

Labor Attache Manuel Roldan confirmed the death of Leong after the latter was positively identified by his Filipino co-workers.

Imson said he had already instructed the OWWA regional office in Davao to inform Leong’s family and provide the necessary assistance due them.

“While we have finally come into locating Mr. Leong, it is very unfortunate that our effort to find him had to end this way,” Imson said. “We are very sorry for the family, but nonetheless, we assure Mrs. Leong that necessary assistance shall be provided to them since the victim is an OWWA member.”

Imson also said that arrangements for the repatriation of Leong’s body is now being attended to by labor officials in the kingdom.

Under OWWA’s Omnibus Policy, the victim’s next-of-kin are eligible to avail of maximum insurance gratuities in the amount of P220,000 as well as other programs and service.

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