First step towards labor laws compliance: Know the rules–Baldoz

Promoting awareness about labor standards and preventing violations of existing labor laws go hand-in-hand in fostering a culture of voluntary labor laws compliance.

Thus, asserted Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday as she commended the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) for making it a priority to intensify its information and education efforts to raise public awareness on the DOLE’s new Labor Laws Compliance System.

“A well-informed public is a vigilant public. The first step to compliance is knowing about the rules on how to comply and the DOLE, through the BWC, works hard to inform and educate our people about the Labor Laws Compliance System,” said Baldoz after Director Catherine Parado reported about the use by the BWC of a variety of information and education materials on the LLCS.

Parado said the BWC is propagating knowledge about labor standards, occupational safety and health, and tips to prevent illnesses in the workplace through the Labor and Employment Education Services, or LEES, videos.

“The BWC has created three info-graphics, two videos, several FAQs, and a handbook. These materials are easy-to-understand, free, and accessible to the masses, to workers, and to employers,” she said.

One of the popular IED materials the BWC has developed and released is the A healthy worker is a productive worker info-graphic on tips on staying healthy in the workers, particularly in dealing with stress, a notorious malady afflicting the working class. It says “staying robust and fit ensures productivity of employees and lessens chances of taking sick leaves that affect performance.” The info-graphic is displayed in strategic and visible places at the DOLE in Intramuros, Manila.

To combat and minimize labor standards violations, the BWC has produced a Paalala poster warning against violators of Department Order No. 18-A. The poster tells readers and viewers what to look for when engaging contractors.

“The poster is in the form of a large checklist, asking people if a contractor has the following:

 May DOLE registration (D.O.18-A)
 May sapat na kapital na nagkakahalaga ng P3 milyon o higit pa
 Nagbibigay ng tamang sahod at benepisyo
 May service contract agreement at hindi nagbibigay ng short-term contract na palaging limang buwan
 Hindi nagpapa-pirma ng blankong resignation letter, payroll, at quitclaim
 Walang nakabinbing reklamo sa DOLE
 May DOLE Certificate of Compliance

“The BWC recognizes the growing number of contractors/sub-contractors, and quite unfortunately, the increasing violations of labor standards. We have released this poster for display by all DOLE regional offices,” Parado explained.

Believing that raising awareness works best when the message is presented in a format anyone can enjoy, Parado said the BWC has created several videos now available at social networking site, the most popular video-sharing website.

Considering its wide reach and easy-to-access feature, the DOLE chose to showcase its LEES videos, with the BWC videos among them. The LEES videos can also be viewed at the BWC website.

Apart from these visual aids, the BWC has produced a Handbook of Statutory Benefits in English and Filipino. The handbook contains the most common concerns of employers and employees, such as wage and wage-related benefits, holiday pay, 13th month pay, overtime pay, leave benefits, retirement benefits, among others.

“The handbook is a bite-sized version of the important provisions of Book 3 of the Labor Code, as amended. Designed to be as client-friendly as possible without losing the important provisions of the rules of employment, the handbook is one of the best sources of information on mandated workers’ benefits,” she said.

“The handbook is free and is downloadable from the DOLE website. Hard copies are also available at DOLE regional offices. Aside from the handbook, FAQs relating to usual and common queries are also accessible both at the DOLE website,, or at the BWC homepage,,” Parado said, finally.


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