The Board of Trustees of the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC), an attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment, has directed the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), as fund manager of the State Insurance Fund for the public sector, to speed up the processing and release of the corresponding EC disability benefits of the Special Action Force troopers of the Philippine National Police who were wounded, as well as of the initial EC death benefits to the qualified beneficiaries of the 44 SAF officers who died, in the Mamasapano clash in Maguindanao.


Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, chairman of the ECC Board of Trustees, bared this yesterday after the ECC approved a resolution, Board Resolution No. 15-02-05, Series of 2015, extending the Commission’s highest recognition of the gallantry and dedication to service of the PNP-SAF troopers involved in the Mamasapano incident.


“The members of the ECC Board were overwhelming in their recognition of the need to effect a facilitative processing of the EC benefits for the SAF troopers and /or their qualified beneficiaries. The Board directed the GSIS to speed up the processing and release of the corresponding benefits of the SAF troopers upon its receipt of the names of the wounded and the names of the beneficiaries of the casualties,” said Baldoz.


“We hope that through the expeditious processing and release of EC benefits for the PNP-SAF casualties, somehow, we will be able to help them and their families,” she added.


On her part, ECC Executive Director Stella Zipagan-Banawis said the Board of Trustees is very grateful that the GSIS shares the ECC’s intention of helping the SAF troopers and their families.


She said the resolution shall take effect immediately after the GSIS formulates the necessary guidelines to ensure its implementation.


The ECC executive also explained that the wounded SAF troopers are entitled to a loss of income benefit—a cash benefit given to worker to compensate for loss of income due to inability to work.


Three types of loss of income benefit are (1) temporary total disability (TTD)—for SAF troopers who will be unable to work for a continuous period not exceeding 120 days; (2) permanent total disability (PTD)—for those who are unable to work for more than 240 days; and (3) permanent partial disability (PPD)—for those who lost a body part and consequently, the loss of use of the same.


They are also entitled for medical reimbursement for the cost of medicine incurred for the treatment of injury; payment to providers of medical care; hospital care; and surgical expenses.


Carer’s allowance is also provided to those who will suffer permanent partial or permanent total disability, as a supplement benefit.


Funeral benefits amounting to P20,000 will be given to the qualified beneficiaries of those who died during the clash aside from the death benefits, in the form of monthly pension, which  will be granted to the qualified beneficiaries of the fallen 44.



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