Labor and employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapalis-Baldoz praised the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board in Region 3 after it has facilitated settlement of a labor dispute involving the union and the management of Jockers Food Industries.


“We are pleased to report that the notice of strike filed by the employees’ union against the management of Jockers Food Industries, on account of unfair labor practice has been amicably settled,” said NCMB Executive Director Shirley Pascual in a report to Secretary Baldoz. Director Pascual said the settlement resulted to a P250, 000 economic package for the affected workers.


Jockers Food Industries is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of snack foods. Its facility is located at Sto. Cristo, Pulilan, Bulacan. The company is represented by Wowie Sy, human resource manager and part-owner, and its counsel, Atty. Menchu Espinosa.


On 15 July 2015, the Samahan ng mga Mangagagawa sa J3M, a union composed of 80 members and affiliated with the Association of Genuine Labor Organization, filed a notice of strike (NOS) against Jockers Food Industries grounded on unfair labor practice, specifically, unpaid salaries and alleged illegal dismissal of its union officers and members. The company union is headed by its president Samson Aguado.


During the initial conference on 21 July, the NCMB learned that a certification election at the company was conducted on January 2015, which resulted to a “no union” result. The union has also filed an illegal dismissal case before the National Labor Relation Committee involving three workers, which was also cited in the NOS, and there was also a pending appeal before the Office of the Secretary on a mediator-arbiter’s decision to include several employees who were also part of the bargaining unit. Further, the union claimed management has illegally terminated 21 other union members.


According to company management, the affected workers were not employees of the company, but are members of the Asset Multi-Purpose Cooperative, and that the decision to terminate them was not management’s, but the cooperative’s.


After a series of conferences, the two parties met on 17 September and agreed to settle their disputes before conciliator-mediator Othello B. Tongio, Jr.


The parties agreed on the following:


1. The management shall pay the unpaid salary of the 21 affected workers;


2. The management shall extend the amount of P10,000 per affected work as vale or advance;


3. The payment of unpaid salary and vale shall be made on 22 September; and


4. No retaliatory action shall be initiated by either party as a result of this labor dispute.



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