The union and management at the Celebrity Sports Plaza, Inc. (CSPI), a well-known sports, health, and leisure facility in Quezon City frequented by the well-heeled and famous, had agreed to a two-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) containing an economic package of P2,773,056, thus leading to a settlement of their dispute that could have affected not only the workers and the management, but its customers as well.

This is the gist of the report yesterday of National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) Executive Director Reynaldo Ubaldo to Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, who commended the NCMB for facilitating the settlement of the dispute.

“Every labor dispute settled amicably through conciliation and mediation further deepens the foundation of our economic environment for smooth labor-management cooperation which is the harbinger of industrial peace, productivity, and competitiveness. I appreciate that the union and the management of Celebrity Sports Plaza, Inc. are mature enough to understand this,” Baldoz commented.

Ubaldo said the CSPI and its union, the Celebrity Sports Plaza Employees Union-NFWU, amicably settled their dispute on 27 November, after a series of conferences and plant level discussions facilitated by Conciliator-Mediator Estelita S. Bautista.

Conciliator-Mediator Edgar Aquino, officer-in-charge of the NCMB National Capital Region, said the dispute arose when union president Leon Policarpio filed a preventive mediation case, docketed as NCMB-NCR-PM 10-118-13, on 17 October against the management on the ground of CBA deadlock, specifically on the following: (1) wage increase; (2) meal allowance; (3) transportation allowance; (4) bereavement aid; (5) longevity pay; (6) hospitalization, medical and occupational health and safety, or accident aid; (7) health card; and (8) retirement pay.

“On 27 November, Conciliator-Mediator E. S. Bautista succeeded, after several conferences and plant level discussions, to get the two parties to amicably settle,” said Ubaldo.

The settlement contains the following agreements/conditions: On wage increase, both parties agreed for 2013 on a wage increase of P10 plus the 4 October 2013 wage increase in the NCR, to be effective retroactive January 2013. They also agreed that for 2014, a wage increase of P10 plus any wage increase for the year, to be effective retroactive January 2014, is in order.

“Based on the agreement, the P10 wage increase shall be on top of any wage increase implemented in the NCR and it shall be across-the-board,” noted Ubaldo.

The union and the management also agreed on a meal allowance of P60; transportation allowance of P20; and a longevity pay based on performance, with the company agreeing to revive its Merits and Awards Program.

Both parties also agreed to a bereavement aid of 26 days per year of service, provided the employee has been in the company for five years; and to hospitalization, medical and occupational health and safety, or accident aid of P20,000 maximum, or six months until the employee becomes fit to work, whichever comes first.

“Both parties also agreed to a retirement pay equivalent to 26 days per year of services and to the same health card as in the previous CBA,” Ubaldo noted.

The total economic package of the two-year CBA that will benefit all of the 44 members of the union is P2,773,056 from January 2013 to December 31, 2014.


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