The DOLE’s National Conciliation and Mediation Board has averted a possibly debilitating strike at the Quezon City Campus of Philippine School of Business Administration, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday said.

Citing a report of NCMB Executive Director Reylando Ubaldo, Secretary Baldoz said the NCMB facilitated settlement of the labor conflict through conciliation and mediation, initiated between the PSBA-QC management and its union, the PSBA Faculty Union-PTGWO by conciliator-mediator Cynthia C. Forcadas.

Baldoz, who lauded Foncardas for this latest settlement, said:
“Conciliation-mediation is a practical, efficient, and peaceful settlement mechanism geared towards transformation from a traditionally litigious labor relations system to one characterized by social dialogue and free exchange of information”.

The labor dispute arose when the PSBA-Faculty Union-PTGWO filed a notice of strike (NOS) against the school on  30 July 2013 on the ground of unfair labor practice, specifically, refusal to bargain collectively, a violation of articles 248 (g), 252, and 253 of the Philippine Labor Code.
Executive Director Ubaldo further reiterated in his report that “The notice of strike filed by the union was prompted by the failure of management to submit counter proposals on their CBA negotiations despite repeated demands by the union. On occasion of several conciliation meetings held to settle the dispute, the management promised, but still failed, to provide the union with its counter proposal.

Then once again, on 7 October, the union filed a simplified proposal patterned after the CBA of PSBA-Manila, but still the management failed to submit a counter proposal.

Finally, during the conciliation conference on 22 November, the management submitted to the NCMB a copy of a “Minutes of the Meeting” signed by Atty.
Benjamin Paulino, president of PSBA-QC , and the union officers. The meeting was supposedly conducted at the school level on 20 November 2013. In the minutes, the parties mutually agreed that the issue pertaining to the CBA should be guided by the principle “What is given to PSBA-Manila should be given to PSBA-QC.”

In the union’s manifestation, it declared that the adoption of the CBA of PSBA- Manila by the faculty union of PSBA-QC does not include issues pertaining to wage distortion and money claims currently pending in the courts.

“The notice of strike is officially settled and dropped from the case calendar of NCMB-NCR,” con-med Foncardas concluded.

“The speedy and efficient delivery of labor justice is DOLE’s commitment to the Filipino workforce,” Baldoz commented.

The PSBA is one of the Philippines’ top accounting and business colleges. It is located on Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City. On the other hand, PSBA-QC Faculty Union is the certified and exclusive bargaining agent of 75 faculty members of the school, and is currently affiliated with PTGWO. It is led by its president Melquiades Quigao.

End/Stella P. Bañares/With reporting from NCMB-NCR

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