Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday commended the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES) for its continuing effort to promote the use of labor and employment statistics through information dissemination and the production of user-friendly statistical materials, with its publication of the Easy STAT Flyer, “An easy way to understand statistical concepts used in labor and employment.”

The flyer, published last June, is meant to reach out to ordinary folks and/or workers  and explain to them the statistical concepts in labor and employment, specifically, underemployment, through illustrations and citations of common examples known to the public.

“In the flyer, the BLES explains the country’s current underemployment status. This will help the public understand how this situation affects the country in any and every aspect,” Baldoz said.

“Such knowledge will foster understanding about the consequences of underemployment. Recently, the ILO, in a study, identified underemployment as one of the vital phenomenon, mostly in developing countries, caused by sudden transformation of economic status,” Baldoz added.

An easy way to compute for underemployment is also given in the flyer. “Knowing the underemployment rate will improve the means of addressing the variance of employment and will contribute in providing short-and-long term policies towards the promotion of full, productive, and decent jobs,” Baldoz said further.

The flyer, aside from discussing underemployment, also explains other labor and employment issues, such as unemployment and jobs and skills mismatch, to name a few.

BLES is one the DOLE’s bureaus which develops policies, programs, standards, and provides reviews relative to generation, analysis, and dissemination of statistics on labor and employment.

“Hopefully, the DOLE, through the effort of its bureaus, services, attached agencies, and regional branches to equip the public with recent information and guidelines through effective media, continues as these play a very important role in identifying career paths beneficial for everyone,” Baldoz explained.


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