To gather inputs and thresh out the concerns of the labor sector on pressing issues, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will hold a one-day Labor Summit on 17 October 2016, according to Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III.


Bello said that the Labor Summit, which will be conducted at the Occupational Safety and Health Center in Quezon City, is aimed at providing a venue for the DOLE and the labor groups to discuss, clarify, and resolve significant issues and concerns on labor and employment, including issues on contractualization and migration that affect overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families.


“There are several issues which need to be clarified and resolve immediately with the labor movement.  Nariyan ang issue ng contractualization, OFWs, illegal recruitment, at marami pang iba,” said Bello during the Consultation with the Labor Groups on Contractualization held at the Labor Governance Learning Center, Ople Hall in Intramuros Manila.


The summit is also aimed at  gathering  inputs from  the labor sector towards the implementation  of labor and employment strategies, policies, programs, and activities that will support efforts in translating the eight-point policy agenda of Secretary Bello.


“Through the Labor Summit, the DOLE seeks the participation and cooperation of the labor sector in the implementation of the Eight-Point Policy Agenda of the Department,” he said.


Secretary Bello added that the Labor Summit will provide the Labor Sector the opportunity to craft a unified proposal on the issue of contractualization.


“The position of the labor groups is not unified, unlike the management group which already presented a Win-Win Proposal on Contratualization,” he said.


During the management dialogue on 16 September, the management group presented a Win-Win Proposal for businesses and workers in order to end labor contractualization and end-of-contract or “endo” schemes. The management groups’ win-win solution has two options. First is the company hires the workers directly. The second option is for the principal or the company to outsource workers from service providers. The service providers will then hire the workers and they will have the direct employer-employee relationship.


According to the management groups, through the win-win solution, workers can be hired by service providers as regulars, receiving full benefits such as leave credits, 13th month pay, as well as retirement, social security and health insurance plans, among others.


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