The Department of Labor and Employment is providing fresh impetus to its thrust to achieve inclusive growth by focusing on indigent young workers, inviting them to obtain work experience in government through the Government Internship Program (GIP).

“Starting January 2014, we will see young and talented Filipino college graduates join the DOLE. Through the GIP, we will enable them to get a feel of government work, for the program now will benefit disadvantaged youth at the grassroots,” said Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz shortly after she issued Administrative Order No. 436 Series of 2013, or the Revised Guidelines in the Implementation of the “DOLE Government Internship Program” (DOLE-GIP) as component of Kabataan 2000 and For Other Purposes.

The government internship program is a component of the government’s Kabataan 2000 project under Executive Order No. 139 Series of 1993, which aimed to provide opportunities for young workers to serve the general public through the projects and services of government agencies and offices at both local and national level.

To ensure the success of the program’s implementation next year, the DOLE assigns the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) as the GIP’s program manager.

Under the revised guidelines, the BLE shall provide technical support to other participating government agencies, in coordination with the National Youth Commission; establish and maintain the DOLE-GIP database of beneficiaries; monitor the progress of implementation; submit accomplishment and assessment reports to the program secretariat and to DBM; and provide forms and templates for the GIP implementation.

At the local level, the DOLE regional offices shall facilitate and supervise the program implementation; determine the distribution of necessary interns in government agencies per Congressional district subject to DBM and COA rules; assign interns of the DOLE functions enumerated in the guidelines; determine, process, and facilitate the payment of stipends/allowances of the interns and their engagement in government agencies; and submit monthly GIP monitoring form and list of beneficiaries to the BLE.

“The DOLE-GIP training goes beyond exposing and training the interns in a government office setting. It also provides them an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and skills in the field of public service. We want to attract the best and the brightest who want to pursue a career in government service, particularly in the fields and disciplines related to labor and employment,” Baldoz said.

“The government now needs a new breed of young public servants from all walks of life and the DOLE is opening its doors to those who would like to join the department as interns under the GIP, especially to those poor, yet, indigent young workers who need it the most,” she added.

The internship program started at the Department last May 2012 when it accepted fresh college graduates of S.Y. 2011-2012 who are holders of degree courses relevant to the DOLE’s operations, such as economics, law, labor and industrial relations, social science, political science, public administration, and journalism/communication.

Making the program more inclusive, the revised guidelines now extends the program to the youth coming from and /or identified at the following government projects: (a) National Household Targeting System; (b) Local Government Units participating in the Bottom-Up-Budgeting; and (c) Priority areas identified by the Joint Human Development and Poverty Reduction Cluster and NEDA Social Development Committee.

Interested applicants should be at least high school or tech-voc graduate and between 18 to 25 years old.

Selected interns shall be trained in the DOLE’s public service functions and operations, which include profiling of child laborer/s in the barangay; encoding of Skills Registry System registrants; providing assistance to LGU and/or public school staff; and other non-technical functions.

Under the revised guidelines, the DOLE interns shall receive allowances amounting to 75 percent of the existing minimum wage applicable to their assigned DOLE agencies/offices.
“With the DOLE’s proactive direction from a highly regulatory frame to a more developmental perspective, we shall need dynamic, ingenious, and dedicated workforce in the Department,” Baldoz said.

“This internship program is a dress rehearsal on the real work of a frontline public servant and will enable them to discover what they can do to contribute to the country as part of the future workforce of the government bureaucracy,” she explained.


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