Undersecretary Joel B. Maglunsod, head of Department of Labor and Employment’s Labor Relations cluster, yesterday denied the allegation of Partidong Manggagawa that DOLE has attempted to delay the signing of an Executive Order (EO) on contractualization.

Maglunsod said that the President, in a meeting with the labor group earlier this month, said that he will have the EO proposed by the labor group be studied first by his legal advisers.

Partido Manggagawa, Maglunsod added, cannot expect the legal team to review the proposed EO overnight, adding that “they have to have little patience as the President is doing his best to address the problems of labor contractualization.”

Maglunsod also said that the House of Representatives had just passed a bill to end contractualization.

The Undersecretary said DOLE is now working with the Senate to pass the same bill that would end contractualization. Senator Joel Villanueva, chairman of the House Committee on Labor, assured DOLE that he will expedite the passage of the bill, Maglunsod said.

“I appeal to the labor group to have little patience as DOLE is doing everything possible to end contractualization of labor,” Maglunsod said.


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