DOLE issues Frequently-Asked Questions about the Phil-JobNet

Labor and Employment and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday urged old and new users of the Phil-JobNet to brush up on the Frequently-Asked Questions about the facility so that they will find no difficulty in using it.

“We have an enhanced Phil-JobNet,” said Baldoz, referring to the government’s online portal for job search and job matching.

Some of the FAQ are as follows:

Q:  What is the enhanced Phil-JobNet, or E-PJN?
A:  It is an Internet-based job and applicant matching system, which aims to facilitate the search for jobs and employers’ search for manpower. It contains a listing of job vacancies and employers. It has a registry of skills available in the market.

Q:  Who are qualified to register in the enhanced Phil-JobNet?
A:  Job applicants who are at least 15 years old and employers or establishments recognized by the government with existing Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Q:  Do I have to pay to register?
A:  No. The service is free of charge, both for applicants and employers.

Q:  I am a job seeker. What if I don’t have an e-mail account, or a computer with Internet access?
A:  You may visit the nearest Public Employment Service Office usually located at the municipal, provincial capitol, or city hall in your area and request for assistance to be registered.

Q:  I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
A:  Use the Reset Password utility located at the log-in page of the site. Look for the hyperlink “Forgot password?” and click it. The “Reset Password” page will be displayed.

Q:  I have registered in the old Phil-JobNet before. Do I need to re-register?
A:  Yes. All users must sign up using a valid and active e-mail address as a unique user account for e-mail notification purposes and password retrieval. If you were registered before, you can retrieve your personal information from your old account by using your old password.

Q:  How long will the enhanced Phil-JobNet keep my record?
A:  30 days from the last day you updated your profile. Five days before expiration of your account, the enhanced Phil-JobNet will automatically notify you through e-mail or SMS to remind you to update your account.

Q:  What is the shelf life of a vacancy in the enhanced Phil-JobNet?
A:  One month or 30 days.
Q:  I am an employer. What are the requirements before I can post a vacancy?
A: You must submit the following documents: (1) BIR Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303); and (2) any of the following: (a) Securities and Exchange Commission registration (partnership or corporation); (b) Department of Trade and Industry registration (single proprietorship); (c) Cooperative Development Authority registration (cooperatives); (d) DOLE License for Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (local employment); (e) DOLE Registration on Contractors/Subcontractors; and (f) POEA License (overseas recruitment).

Q:  Where can I submit these documents?
A:  The nearest DOLE Regional or Field Office in your area. The DOLE Directory can be viewed at You may also submit them online, using the “document submission facility”  in the “Establishment”  top navigation menu on the site.

Q:  Why should I submit an Authority ot Represent for my company?
A:  To identify your company’s legitimate representative and to prevent false claims.

Q:  My company was registered before in the old Phil-JobNet. Do I need to re-submit the required documents to register?
A:  No. Records from the old Phil-JobNet were migrated to the enhanced Phil-JobNet. However, if your company’s TIN is found to be erroneous, you need to re-submit the BIR For 2303 for verification.

Q:  The enhanced Phil-JobNet displays “Establishment with matching TIN already exists”. What shall I do?
A:  You may proceed to the next step, which is the “Establishment contact”. This is in the “Establishment”  top navigation menu on the site.

Q:  How can I post job vacancies?
A:  Click the “Vacancy Posting” under the “Vacancy” sub-menu in the “Establishment” top navigation menu. Select “Encode new vacancy” from the “Select activity” page, then click the “Submit” button after you have encoded the vacancy. In case these menus are not displayed, you possibly may not have the accredited establishment represented and the approved establishment associated. Contact the nearest DOLE regional or field office.

Any question about this release? Please call the BLE at tel. no. 527-2539. The FAQ can be viewed or downloaded at, or at

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