News Release
Department of Labor and Employment
October 9, 2020

DOLE helping hand long, far-reaching–Bello

The livelihood assistance program of the government is for all working Filipinos affected by the pandemic brought by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid 19), the labor department said.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the DOLE aid meant to ease the impact of the global health crisis can reach hard-hit workers even those in remote areas.

“The deadly virus doesn’t select who to hit. Everybody is affected. So the government is also extending assistance to all workers regardless of their profession and location,” Bello said.

Bello cited as example the recent awarding of a P2.8-million check for the benefit of workers from five barangays of Barbaza municipality in Antique who were displaced by the global health crisis.

The amount represents the aid provided by the government’s ‘Kabuhayan Program’ to marginalized farmers, small vendors, farm laborers, livestock raisers, senior citizens and low wage earners from barangays Igturanum, Jinalinan, Solingao, Cadiao and Baghari.

“Most of the beneficiaries are residing in remote and mountainous areas of the province,” DOLE-Region 6 Director Cyril L. Ticao said.

Ticao said the support aims to provide alternative sources of income for those displaced by Covid 19 outbreak. “We took the opportunity in providing other ways for them to feed their families and meet their basic needs amid these trying times,” Ticao said.

Part of the Kabuhayan Program assistance amounting to P360,000 was given to 18 beneficiaries in Barangay Igtunarum for their cattle fattening project. On the other hand, P520,000 went to 26 beneficiaries from Baranggay Jinalinan who are venturing into hog fattening, sari-sari store and poultry raising.

At Barangay Soligao, P480,000 was released to 24 recipients for their rice retailing, sari-sari store, swine and cattle fattening projects while P940,000 found its way to 47 beneficiaries of Barangay Baghari who are trying their luck in hog fattening, rice retailing and  sari-sari stores. Further, a total of P500,000 was released in Barangay Cadiao for the benefit of 25 beneficiaries planning to engage in swine fattening, in rice retailing and sari-sari stores.

Bello said these new projects being financed by DOLE is proof that ”the helping hand of the government is long and far-reaching. We just hope that we will not run out of resources in helping our needy workers.” – ###


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