The Department of Labor and Employment has called on employers anew for the full provision of benefits to their workers by way of compulsory enrollment and remittance to the SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig.

The move was prompted by numerous complaints of non-compliance by employers in past months.

Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said the labor department is mandated to ensure that companies and employers are strictly providing workers with labor laws-mandated social benefits.

“This is one way of safeguarding and protecting the rights of our workers. It is also the employers’ legal and moral responsibility to their employees,” Bello said.

Bello added that DOLE is coordinating with SSS, Philhealth, and PAG-IBIG in monitoring various companies and establishments’ compliance with general labor standards.

A Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) report said of 44,524 establishments monitored in 2015, 86.24% complied with the SSS contribution and remittance requirements. Last year, covered establishments increased to 60,376, but compliance rate dipped to 84.69% percent.

The Labor Laws Compliance System administered by the BWC meanwhile noted a 84.20 percent compliance rate for Pagibig in 2015. This figure slightly dipped to 83.14 percent last year.

For Philhealth compliance, the 44,524 establishments covered in 2015 scored 85.94 percent compliance, while the 60,376 covered establishments in 2016 recorded a lower compliance of 83.14 percent.

Bello said that DOLE has been receiving numerous complaints from workers about their employers’ non-remittance of SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-Ibig contributions, which resulted to disapproval of their loan applications.

This further prompted the labor department strengthen its coordination with the said agencies to improve information sharing and data monitoring of employers’ remittance of contributions.

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