News Release
Department of Labor and Employment
August 27, 2019

Distressed KSA workers return home

Some 117 distressed and displaced overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have returned home to their families through the government’s strengthened repatriation services.

The OFWs who are mostly household service workers (HSW) in Riyadh arrived home on Friday along with Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III from an official visit in KSA.

“Most of these OFWs are staying in Bahay Kalinga, a shelter for runaway OFWs and just waiting to go back home. Fortunately, they are provided with exit visas so it is the best time to bring them home and be with their families,” Bello said.

All OFW repatriates received immediate assistance from Overseas Workers Welfare Administrator (OWWA) including airport assistance, psycho-social counselling/stress debriefing, and medical referral.

They also received financial assistance worth P5,000 from OWWA and pack of goodies from the Coalition of Licensed Agencies for Domestic and Service Workers.

OFWs were also assured of sustained assistance in claiming their unpaid monetary claims, as well as in finding alternative employment or in engaging in chosen livelihood undertakings.

DOLE also assured the immediate repatriation of more than 200 OFWs staying in the Bahay Kalinga, who are waiting for their exit visas.

The labor chief meanwhile disclosed the purpose of his visit in KSA, which is about the full settlement of the P4.2 billion unclaimed wages and monetary claims of almost 9,000 workers who were repatriated back in August 2016.

“I personally talked to KSA Minister of Labor and Deputy Minister of Justice about the unpaid claims of our repatriated OFWs in 2016 and they promised to prioritize its full settlement,” Bello said. ###AbegailDeVega

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