News Release
Department of Labor and Employment
August 27, 2019

Casino dealer one of top vacancies in PhilJobnet
A high demand for casino dealer was recorded for the last five weeks by PhilJobNet, the Department of Labor and Employment’s internet-based job and applicant matching system.

In the weekly report on Top 20 vacancies on PhilJobnet by the Bureau of Local Employment, huge demand for Casino Dealers was recorded on August 16 and 9, 2, as well as on July 25 and 16.

As of the latest report, at least 180 casino dealer positions were logged at PhilJobnet, making it the Top 14 vacancy in the said job matching system

The demand for Call Center Agent however still topped the weekly survey of Top 20 local employment vacancies recorded by PhilJobnet.

The salary of Online Casino Dealer, according to the vacancy posted at PhilJobnet, range from 20 to 23 thousand pesos.  The position requires the ability to host and provide a positive, engaging, and professional gaming experience; precision, skill, and professionalism in dealing with specific table game, and capability in thoroughly ensuring accuracy in software performance.

Benefits, such as daily meal, life insurance, healthcard, Christmas bonus, medical and optical reimbursement, paid leaves, were among the listed perks in said vacancies.

High school and college undergraduates and degree holders of any discipline can quality as a casino dealer.

PhilJobnet is a facility of the Department of Labor and Employment that aims to fast track the jobseeker’s search for jobs and the employer’s search for workforce.  Its centralized database is maintained by the Bureau of Local Employment.

A jobseeker who is at least 15 years old may register as a job applicant in the PhilJobNet.

An employer or establishment duly recognized by Philippine business authorizing agencies and with existing Tax Identification Number (TIN) can register in the PhilJobNet.  

PhilJobNet service is free of charge for both job applicants and establishments.

For more job vacancies and other employment facilitation services, job seekers and employers can log on at or visit Bureau of Local Employment at 6th Floor, BF Condominium cor. Solana & Soriano St., Intramuros Manila. They can also call the PhilJobNet Hotline at (632) 527-2543 Fax: (632) 527-2421.  END/GSR

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