News Release
Department of Labor and Employment
August 8, 2020

Bright spot amid pandemic: Guam needs more Filipino workers

A bright prospect amid the pandemic looms large for the Filipino workers as the Department of Labor and Employment reported over the weekend an increasing job requests in Guam.

DOLE said its Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Los Angeles has been receiving increasing requests from accredited employers under the construction sector in Guam for job order and employment contract verification.

In a labor market report to Secretary Silvestre Bello III, POLO LA, through Assistant Labor Attaché Armi Peña, said that employers in the construction service sector open their projects for skilled and semi-skilled Filipino workers.

POLO LA said Guam’s Department of Labor (DoL) Director David Dell’Solla reached out to their office expressing the intent of several contractors in Guam to hire more skilled Filipinos for the construction and maintenance job categories.

Guam’s labor director shared the brightening prospect of employing Filipino nationals under H2 visas as he explained the procedures and requirements for the continuing absorption of Filipino workers in Guam.

The employers needing workers are Northern Construction (27 job orders); 5M Construction Corporation (24 job orders – 11 Carpenters, 12 Cement Masons, 1 Heavy Equipment Operator); and BME and Sons, Inc. (10 job orders – all carpenters), with Global Manpower as their Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA).

The Office of the Labor Attaché in LA has opened all communication lines to interview foreign principals for the documentary requirements to determine their veracity.

The verified and approved job orders by POLO – LA are Northern Construction’s 27 job orders with seven (7) Master Employment Contracts for three (3) Heavy Equipment Operators, three (3) HVAC & Refrigeration Mechanics, eight (8) Carpenters, nine (9) Cement Masons, two (2) Sheet Metal Workers, one (1) Mechanical Engineer, and one (1) Civil Engineer.

POLO LA said requests for accreditation for new employers continue to arrive; one is the Architectural Painting Services, LLC, which intends to employ 50 painters and with Venture Management Systems International Corporation as its Philippine counterpart recruitment agency; and another is the Contrack Watts Inc. which intends to employ five (5) Reinforcing Metal Workers, four (4) Heavy Equipment Operators, and four (4) Pipefitters and with Global Manpower as its Philippine recruitment agency (PRA).

A thorough background check to determine the track record and favorable standards for managing the employment of foreign workers of the applicant is being undertaken by the POLO.

# # # GSR with report from Armi Peña



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