Large corporations with employees of 200 and above were among the 15,733 establishments awarded and issued Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) in 2014 under the new Labor Laws Compliance System.


Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz said this yesterday in the DOLE press conference on the implementation review of the DOLE’s major reform on labor inspection.


“I can report happily that the country’s blue-chip companies—not all, but many—were among the 44,041 establishments who were found compliant with all labor laws and occupational safety and health standards during the first salvo of our joint assessment under the LLCS, so they were issued their CoCs,” said Baldoz.


“Another 7,528 establishments—part of the 23,865 establishments that were found to need corrective action—brought the total of compliant establishments in 2014 to 51,569 establishments,” said Baldoz.


Of the 51,569 establishments, 15,733 were issued CoCs last year, and, as Secretary Baldoz said, some of them were big names in Philippine business and she commended them for standing up as models to other business firms.


Citing some of these firms, Baldoz named 2Go Group, Inc.; Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company; Del Monte Fresh Produce Phils., Inc.; KCC Mall of General Santos City; Manila Electric Company; Marco Polo Hotel;


Norkis Distributors, Inc.; Optimum Security Services, Inc.; PhilSaga Mining Corporation, Nickel Asia Mining Corporation; Wyeth Philippines, Inc.; Team Sual Corporation; Ayala Seafoods Corporation; Universal Canning Corporation; Aquatic Food Manufacturing  Corp.; Permex Producer and Exporter Corporation; and Jen Hotel, which is the first hotel to have received three CoCs—one each in Labor Relations, General Labor Standards, and Occupational Safety and Health.


She also cited Mercury Drug Corporation, whose workers are all regular employees; and Puregold, which voluntary approached the DOLE and sought for assistance so that all its branches in the country can become compliant.


She also singled out San Miguel Corporation, the diversified conglomerate, which had ordered all its subcontractors and supply-chain partners to comply.


“I commend these companies, veritably the ‘who’s who’ in Philippine business, for ensuring and promoting a workplace climate conducive to productivity, competitiveness, and decent work through labor laws and occupational safety and health compliances.


“Under the new system, DOLE innovates its role as labor partners and allow companies to see labor laws not as deterrent in doing business but as a reward. In turn, innovations in labor practices eliminate corruption. To be able to help ease doing business in the country, all companies are assessed for labor compliance. We make the system transparent for the business establishments,” Baldoz said.


She also cited Aquatic Food Manufacturing Corporation, Permex Producer and Export Corporation, Ayala Seafood Corporation, and Universal Canning Corporation in Zamboanga which, after joint assessment, regularized their 1,184 apprentices.


According to the results of the LLCS, 12,254 establishments have been issued CoCs on General Labor Standards, while 11,618 establishments were awarded CoCs in occupational Safety and Health.


As an incentive to the labor laws-compliant companies, they will receive DOLE productivity improvement services for free, as well as exemption from assessment for a period of two years.


“We will train, mentor, and assist these companies on specific labor programs and services at no cost to them.


The labor and employment chief added that the system allows companies to be good business citizens. “Companies which are labor compliant tend to be more productive. They enjoy good working relation with its employees,” she said.


“They get loyalty from their workers; they tend to be more productive. If companies are labor-law compliant, they and their workers benefits much and these companies have self-instituted that they are compliant, we made the industrial peace possible,” Baldoz said.


Regionally, the bulk of the companies which were awarded CoCs in Luzon are, as follows: Region 4-A, with 2,535; Region 3, with 1,949; CAR, 1,322; National Capital Region, with 702; Region 1, 657; Region 4B, 645; Region 2, with 340; Region 5, with 186;


In Visayas: Region 6, with 1,197; Region 8, 381; Region 7, with 359;


In Mindanao: Region 10 with 2,562 establishments; Region 11, with 1,179; Caraga, with 872; Region 9, with 590; Region 12, with 257.




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