Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III yesterday said that the government of Saudi Arabia has issued directives to renew the work permit and iqama of migrant workers of Saudi Oger Ltd., a Riyadh-based construction company.


Bello, citing a report from Labor Attaché Rustico S.M. Dela Fuente, said that Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, and the Passports Office ensured that the work permits and iqama, or exit visa, of overseas Filipino workers who were employed by Saudi Oger Ltd. will be immediately processed.


“The officials from the Saudi Ministry of Labor assured us that upon receipt of the instructions from the King of Saudi, they immediately met with the Ministry of Interior and Passports Office so the work permits and iqama of our OFWs will be processed,” said Bello.


He added that the options to transfer to another employer or to be repatriated are open to Saudi Oger workers.


Nasa sa kanila if they decide to stay or to come home, nakahanda naman kami for repatriation,” said Bello.


Meanwhile, Bello said that Deputy Minister Ziyad Alsayeigh of the Saudi Ministry of Labor expressed willingness in discussing a broader Bilateral Labor Agreement between the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.


In his report, Labor Attaché Dela Fuente stated that Deputy Minister Alsayeigh has assured openness to discuss the draft Bilateral Labor Agreeement which was presented by the Philippines last year.


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