With the influx of jobseekers expected to join the labor force this season, Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III advised jobseekers and students alike to be equipped with the right labor market information to guide them as they choose their career path or profession.

“Students and jobseekers may find the information and education materials regularly published by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) to be helpful in gathering labor market information,” said Secretary Bello.

For instance, in the March issue of Labor Market Trends, a BLE publication, the top 10 high-paying jobs in the Philippines was featured.

“If salary is one factor that students and jobseekers are considering when choosing a career path or applying for a job, they may refer to the top 10 high-paying jobs in the country,” said BLE Director Dominique Rubia-Tutay, citing the latest published results of the Occupation Wages Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The top 10 high-paying occupations in the country are in the fields of air transport; architecture and engineering; animated film and cartoon production; manufacture of refined petroleum products; mining of metal ores; insurance, reinsurance, and pension funding; and telecommunications.

Topping the list of high-paying jobs is for the position of aircraft pilot, navigator, and flight engineer, with an average monthly salary of P156,823.

Engineering geologist comes next with an average monthly salary of P101,471. An engineering geologist is concerned with the detailed technical analysis of earth material and the risk assessment of geological hazards.

In the field of animated film and cartoon production, graphic designers earn an average monthly salary of P99,658, while art directors earn an average monthly salary of P76,612.

In fifth place are industrial machinery mechanics and fitters who earn an average monthly salary of P76,550; while in sixth place are geologists in the field of mining who earn an average monthly salary of P71,849.

Statisticians, specifically in the fields of insurance, reinsurance, and pension funding, earn an average monthly salary of P56,759; while crushing, grinding and chemical-mixing machinery operators earn an average monthly salary of P49,646.

In ninth place are communications service supervisors who earn an average monthly salary of P48,270. They are in-charge with creating, implementing, and overseeing communication programs that effectively describe and promote an organization and its products.

Completing the list are production supervisors and general foremen who earn an average monthly salary of P47,521.

The reference for the top 10 high-paying occupations is the latest published results of the 2014 Occupation Wages Survey, a nationwide biennial survey conducted by the PSA, which generates statistics for wage and salary administration and for wage determination in collective bargaining negotiations.

In the same BLE publication, the requirements that employers look for in applicants were also tackled. Among these are teamwork and interpersonal skills, internship and part-time job experiences, functional skills, and behavioral skills.

The top functional skills are the jobseekers’ communication skills, trainability, competence, problem solving and analytical skills, and technical know-how.

Among the top behavioral skills that employers look for are the willingness to learn, initiative, honesty and integrity, self-motivation, and self-confidence of applicants.


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