To get hired through Phil-JobNet
‘Be true, accurate, and current,’ Baldoz advises job applicants

Job seekers who apply for jobs through the Phil-JobNet can benefit a thing or two from the advice of Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz.

“Provide your prospective employers true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself and about your abilities,” Baldoz said yesterday as she reminded job seekers about the guidelines for the deployment of the enhanced Phil-JobNet (E-PJN) web-based application system.

The guidelines are contained in Department Order No. 133-13 which Secretary Baldoz issued at the close of 2013.

Among the ‘tips’ which job applicants and job seekers should bear in mind to help them land a job are the following:

(1) Register online and provide true, accurate, current, and complete personal information.

“It would be helpful if the applicant or job seeker can also provide in her online registration a comprehensive summary of his experience, training and skills, factors that employers highly consider,” said Baldoz.

(2) Promptly update any changes, whether personal or job-related information.

“For example, any change of address, email, or mobile phone numbers should be reflected at once in the E-PJN registration because the applicant cannot tell for sure when an employer come on calling for an interview, or for the submission of additional paper requirements,” Baldoz explained.

(3) Maintain a single E-PJN account. Do not create more than one account or create an account for anyone without permission.

Baldoz said job seekers are sometimes forced to create another account in the Phil-JobNet for the simple reason that they had forgotten their password and could not retrieve it. “A single E-PJN account is easy to handle and to track,” Baldoz said.

(4) Agree and abide by the terms and conditions of service of the Phil-JobNet stipulated in the E-PJN website.

“There is such ethical online use and this is important,” Baldoz advised, saying that the Bureau of Local Employment, which administers the Phil-JobNet “cleanses” information in the system by removing inaccurate and duplicate records.

“For example, only 30 days is given to job applicants to correct and update accounts. Otherwise, inactive accounts will be tagged or transferred to a dormant-status record, and will be excluded from the list of job matches of establishments.

Baldoz said job seekers who may be wondering why their applications seem to be not moving should check their E-PJN registration whether still active or dormant.


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