Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday urged workers in Cebu and Bohol who may have been displaced by the recent earthquake to consider and apply for any of the 5,193 local and 3,365 overseas job vacancies posted by employers in the PhilJobNet, the government’s job search and job-skill matching online facility.

“All of the local vacant jobs are in Cebu and Bohol, while the overseas jobs are offered by Cebu-based recruitment agencies licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration,” said Baldoz who is in Cebu to meet with workers, employers, and DOLE regional officials to look into DOLE interventions for workers displaced by the quake.

The other day, Baldoz had ordered the POEA, Bureau of Local Employment, and the DOLE Regional Office No. 7 to mobilize resources, partners, and allies and conduct overseas job fairs for workers in earthquake-stricken Bohol and Cebu. She also ordered the POEA to mobilize licensed recruitment agencies, and the BLE to enlist the participation of local employers, particularly those in the Visayas, for the job fairs.

She said the job fairs should be held simultaneous with government’s rehabilitation efforts in Cebu and Bohol, particularly in areas where workplaces were hit the hardest and where there could be large concentration of displaced workers.

Baldoz said the local jobs with the most number of vacancies are positions for customer service assistants and technical assistants; counter clerks; driver-couriers; food servers; factory workers; service crew; accounting clerks; buyers; baggers; cashiers; auto service technicians; assistant store officers; department store sales personnel; rceiving clerks; maintenance crew; sales clerks; chemical process engineers; electricians; high speed sewers; human resource development assistants; merchandisers; quality control assistants; computer programmers; customer relations officers; documentation clerks; non-voice IT specialists; executive assistants; network administrators; outbound sales representatives; and sales officers.

There are also plenty of vacancies for field auditors; test technicians; automotive mechanics; tally clerks or checkers; human resource management clerks; trade marketing specialists; mechanical engineering technicians; quality assurance staff; accounts developers; process engineers; production engineers; mold and dye designers; production technicians; industrial technicians; sales engineers; warehousemen; construction managers; construction engineers; food repackers; dealer salesmen; electronic assemblers; bookkeepers; copy writers; junior salesmen; medical assistants; sales managers; tele-marketers; forklift operators; and carpenters.

For overseas, most vacancies are for Qatar, Bahrain, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia for positions of air condition technicians; cake decorators; general carpenters; civil engineers; cooks; crane operators; graphic designers; heavy equipment mechanics; metal and iron workers; receptionists; restaurant managers and supervisors; plasterers; factory workers; sales supervisors; steel fabricators; service crew; store managers and store assistants; pipe fitters; electrical technicians and electricians; office secretaries; company nurses; cleaners;

Overseas vacancies are also for hospital attendants; laborers; medical equiment technicians; physical therapists; printing technicians; midwives; surveyors; safety engineers; safety officers; swimming instructors; medical gas technicians; waiters and waitresses; telecommunications technicians; material controllers; safety engineers; mechanics; hydraulics engineers; electronics technicians; chefs; chocolate makers; cleaners; and many other vacancies.

Baldoz urged displaced workers in Bohol and Cebu to visit the nearest Public Employment Service Offices in their municipal hall and find out more information on the vacancies, particularly the companies that offer them.

They can also go to an internet café and browse the site, or www., or for more information on these job opportunities. They can also visit the PhliJobNet website at

“If they want to avail of the job opportunities, they should upload their personal data sheet or bio-data by registering to the PhilJobNet website because employers are visiting the site everyday to find qualified applicants for their vacancies,” said Baldoz.


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