Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday expressed dismay over a video that is making the rounds of the social media showing Mayor Rody Duterte narrating an obviously malicious dig at domestic workers (Duterte: Maid lang naman

While comments on the video point out that it was “edited”, hence slanted, to put Duterte in a bad light, Baldoz said the posting of the video was in poor taste and should not have been done.

“The social media has pervasive influence, and unsuspecting viewers may not have the time to distill truth from fiction, nor the means to verify if such recorded material is authentic. Thus, I urge our people who may be carried by the political heat of the moment to be very circumspect in posting materials in the internet that disrespect any segment or sector of the labor force, especially kasambahay,” said Baldoz.

A staunch advocate for the protection of kasambahay, Baldoz said the video does not sit well with a nation that has struggled for 16 years to recognize the country’s kasambahay as part of the formal workforce, and who contribute immensely to the economic growth of our country.

“Now that we have succeeded in recognizing kasambahay and have accorded them the rights and privileges that they truly deserve, we ought to be careful not to disparage them, either by reckless words or action that could give our country a negative image in the international community,” she explained.

“It is a fact that the Philippines was a leading advocate, a signatory, and a firm supporter of the ratification of ILO Domestic Workers’ Convention, Convention 189, and several bilateral and multilateral negotiations for the protection and welfare of domestic workers. We have enacted the landmark Batas Kasambahay (R.A. 10361), which is proof of our high regard for our domestic workers, Baldoz added.

She appealed to the decency of the Filipino citizenry, including supporters and partisans of political candidates, to be mindful in posting stills and video materials in the social media that hurt the sensibilities of vulnerable segments of the labor force.


“Let us use social media in facilitating human development and uplifting the dignity of the Filipino race,” Baldoz urged.


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