Labor and Employment Secretary Baldoz yesterday directed the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) and the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC), both attached agencies of the DOLE, to assign personnel to man their respective hotlines/helpdesks and answer queries and complaints on health and safety in the workplace, saying this is part of a more expansive and intensified information and education campaign to raise awareness and understanding of workplace safety and health.


She also urged workers and concerned citizens all over the country to actively participate in this campaign by reporting to the DOLE the presence or existence of risky and unsafe conditions and practices in all establishments so that the DOLE can take immediate action.


“We need to inform, educate, and accustom our workers and employers, as well as the general public, on occupational safety and health, so they can be aware and vigilant. On the other hand, the public can help us in our campaign to foster safe and healthy workplaces by reporting to us all risky, dangerous, and unsafe working conditions and practices so we can take fast action. Occupational safety and health is a two-way street. It cannot be that the government only has the responsibility,” Baldoz said.


However, in asking the public to report the presence or existence of risky and unsafe conditions and practices in all establishments, the labor and employment has a warning and a plea.


“While we will exert effort to verify even anonymous tips, we also request reporters or tipsters to please avoid making prank calls,” she said.


At the OHSC, Executive Director Ma. Teresita Cucueco, M.D., said the hotline/helpdesk numbers are 0927-877-2587 and 928-6690, or e-mail


Baldoz instructed Executive Director Cucueco to re-activate its Safety Patrol Program started in 2012 and to expand its scope and coverage from construction and other hazardous occupation to other industries.


The Safety Patrol consists of experts from DOLE regional offices, OSHC, and tripartite partners who conduct safety audits in construction sites around the country. Experts from OSHC, the Employees Compensation Commission, and Bureau of Working Conditions also join the audit whenever necessary.


For the ECC, Executive Director Stella Z. Banawis said callers can connect to the ECC through 0917-822-780. “This is our hotline 24/7 manned by Dr. Dianne, our Quick Response Team leader,” Banawis said.


At the central office of the DOLE, the DOLE Call Center, supervised by the Labor Communications Office, can also entertain queries and receive complaints, at 527-8000, according to Baldoz.


In the regions, the ECC can be reached at the following:


CAR, Gil Datayan, Jr. and Wendy M. Salada, (074) 442-2447; fax no. (074) 443-5339; Mobile Phone: 0917-8369676; 0917-8369760; and;


Region 1, Randy Angelo N. Ponciano or Patrick Chad R. Guzman, (072) 607-8114; 0917-8370644 fax: 072-700-2520; mobile: 0917-8370695;;


Region 2, Shanina C. Battung and Remedios V. Andrada, (078) 844-2728; 0917-836-9978; 0917-836-9917;;


Region 3, Coco Chanel G. Garcia and Naomi DM. Velasquez, (045) 455-1613; 0917-836-9855;;


Region 4-A, JERUZ C. CASTILLO, (049) 545-7360 * Fax: (049) 545-7357; 0917-837-0931;;


Region 5, Ruby I. Agustin And Ma. Yvette C. Bonavente, (052) 481-0768; 0917-8369940; CP No. 0917-836-9935;;


Region 6, Lynmar Frances L. Laruscain and Stephen S. Barredo, (033) 320-8026; (033) 509-0400; 0917-837-0590; 0917-837-0963;;


Region 7, Exequiel K. Salcedo III and Ingrid  Z. Yumang, (032) 266-9722; 0917-837-1236; 0917-836-9626;;


Region 8, Keren-Beth P. Engcoy and Michelle C. Basal, (053) 325-5236; fax: (053) 523-4220; Mobile: 0917-835-7364; 0917-8370192; e-mail:;


Region 9, Jerrick Gerard C. Go and Cerna I. Ahmad, (062) 991-2673; 0917-837-1839; 0917-8369653;;


Region 10, Stella Mae D. Obice and Fatima S. Idul, (082) 727-682; fax: (088) 231-2041;;


Region 11, Franscheline Orvette B. Domingo and Albert A. Bantan, (082) 227- 4289; fax: (082) 226- 2671;;


Region 12, Jerylle Marie Q. Blanza and Cristopher Gamboa, (083) 228-2190; 0917-8369709; 0917-836-9703; fax: (083) 288-2190;;


Region 13, Genevieve A. Elorde and Olga Virginia A. Demata, (085) 342-9502; 0917-837-0258;


Baldoz said workers or concerned citizens may report also to DOLE offices through direct call or text the existence of such conditions, such as suspected use or practice of hazardous materials and processes; and lack/misuse of personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as suspected existence of potential hazards, including, but not limited to, inadequate machine guarding, working at heights without body harness, substandard scaffolding, defective tools/equipment, fire and explosion hazards, absence of warning devices, hazardous atmospheric conditions, excessive noise, and dangerous or toxic poisons and chemicals.



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