28 business firms now on-board
Baldoz lauds employers’ support to JobStart Philippines

Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday heaped praise upon five employers that have signed a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Labor and Employment, through its Bureau of Local Employment, in support of the JobStart Philippines, a pioneering program that seeks to mainstream full-cycle employment services—through local Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs)—to young and inexperienced jobseekers as a way of preparing them for productive employment.

The five employers—Enriquez Security Services, Inc. (ESSI), Elixir Industrial Equipment, Inc., Grandis Jubilance Ventures, Manpower Development Corporation, and Toyota Commonwealth—have pledged to provide internship/apprenticeship to 56 youth beneficiaries—42 from Quezon City and 14 from Taguig City—in the form of technical and on-the-job training with pay.

The signing of the MOAs, held on 4 December, was attended by Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista.

“I am pleased that more and more employers appreciate the fact that JobStart Philippines is about them as much as it is about our workers. It is about companies getting the right people and about jobseekers getting hired for the right jobs, the right qualifications, and the right reasons. It is about cutting the job search from two years to nine months,” said Baldoz after BLE Director Dominique Tutay reported the MOA signing in Quezon City.

The five new MOAs bring to 28 the number of establishments in four cities and municipalities that have joined the pilot program since its inception.

JobStart Philippines prepares jobseekers for productive employment through enhanced career guidance, life skills training, technical training, and on-the-job training (OJT). Under the program, employers participating are reimbursed of the cost in overseeing the technical training and delivering the jobseekers’ OJT.

All the five companies agree that the JobStart Program is beneficial to them.

Atty. Ma. Elena Enriquez, manager for administration of Enriquez Security Services, Inc. (ESSI), says:

“As somebody in charge of recruitment, I always look for people who have the knowledge about the jobs they applied for because I had nobody to train them. But I realized that when we were young, we also did not know how to do the work we wanted,” she said, adding:

“It had taught us about our corporate social responsibility to give back by helping jobseekers job-ready.”

David Tabanera, human resources head of Elixir Industrial Equipment, Inc., said the program enables his company to find the right people because jobseekers are ‘re-tooled’ according to the available jobs in the labor market.

“Not all jobs that young jobseekers prepared for are in the labor market which, by nature, is constantly changing. JobStart is very helpful in making the right match of employees for us,” Tabanera said.

Gilbert Jim, chief executive officer of Grandis Jubilance Ventures, hailed the life skills training stage that young applicants have to go through with JobStart.

“It has ane for Quezon City and another for Taguig City youth beneficiaries, and he is willing to go further, saying he will invite fellow employers to participate in the program as their platform for corporate social responsibility.

“This is profit with honour, and I wish the DOLE will expand this program to include more employers so that we will be able to help the youth acquire life skills training and technical competencies. It is through these strategies that we can address job mismatch and unemployment,” Chico said.

Toyota Commonwealth, represented by Mr. Nico Samson, completed the batch of five employers who signed agreements with JobStor in any training; and actively seeking work.

JobStart is being piloted in fou support from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s Training for Work Scholarship Program.


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