Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday lauded the Department’s attached agencies and Regional Offices for registering another banner year in the expeditious resolution of labor disputes through the Single Entry Approach after these office facilitated P1, 835, 752, 576. 50 in monetary package benefit for 46, 012 workers and registering a 95 percent disposition rate and 90 percent settlement rate of all requests for assistance (RFA) filed in all SEnA desks in 2015.


“I would like to congratulate the DOLE Regional Offices and attached agencies for their commitment to the conciliation and mediation mode of dispute settlement. Their efforts led to the timely and efficient dispute settlement using the DOLE’s flagship program, the Single Entry Approach mechanism and other alternative modes of dispute resolution,” said Baldoz.


SEnA is an administrative approach that provides a speedy, impartial, inexpensive, and accessible settlement procedure of all labor issues or conflicts to prevent them from ripening into full-blown disputes. Initiated by Baldoz in 2010 through Department Order No. 107-10, the SEnA became effective that the Congress of the Philippines institutionalized it by legislating into a law, R. A. 10396.


Baldoz, citing a report from Executive Director Atty. Shirley Pascual of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB), said that of the total monetary benefits facilitated by the DOLE Regional office and attached agencies amounting to P1, 835, 752, 576.50 in the past year, P1, 111, 150, 486.67 was facilitated by the Department’s Regional Offices. It benefitted 26, 085 workers, or a per capita benefit of P42, 597.30. On the other hand, the attached agencies facilitated a total of P724, 602, 089.83 monetary package for 19, 927 workers, or a per capita benefit of P36, 362.83.


Executive Director Pascual also said a total of 62,517 request for assistance (RFA) were filed at the DOLE Regional Offices and Attached Agencies which are implementing the SEnA program. About 18, 711 RFA were filed at the DOLE Regional Office and 43, 806 RFA were at the attached agencies, the bulk of which, or about 28, 452 were filed at the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC).


The attached agencies which implement the SEnA program are the NCMB, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, and DOLE-Legal Service.


Majority of the new RFA were filed in labor intensive regions, particularly at the National Capital Region which recorded 5, 626 RFA, or 31 percent of the total RFA filed at the DOLE Regional Offices. This was followed by Region 4-A, with 2, 863 RFA, or 16 percent; Region 7, with 1, 517, or eight percent; and Region 3, with 1, 335, or seven percent.


The total number of RFA filed at the Regional Office in 2015 marked an increase of three percent compared to the 17,725 RFA recorded in 2014.


Meanwhile, the 15,354 RFA filed at the attached agencies, excluding those which were filed at the NLRC, in 2015 decreased by two percent from the 15,047 RFA in 2014. The 24,542 RFA filed at the NLRC in 2015, on the other hand, showed an increase of two percent from the 23, 685 RFA filed in 2014.


According to Pascual’s report, the combined disposition rate of the DOLE Regional Offices and Attached Agencies, including those of the NLRC, in 2015 is at 90 percent which is the same as in 2014.The settlement rate in 2015 is at 61 percent, an increase of one percent covering the same period of the previous year.


The DOLE Offices and attached agencies also disposed the filed RFA in less than 30 days, or ranging from three to 25 days duration, except in POEA with 33 days.

DOLE Regional Office No. 9 settled the RFA fastest, or with an average of two days only. Fourteen of the 16 DOLE Regional Offices settled the RFA within seven to 19 days, or an average of 12 days. The DOLE Regional Office-NCR has the most number of request for assistance which it settled in an average of 24 days.


Attached agencies, on the other hand, settled the filed RFA within three to 28 days.


A total of 6, 013 RFA, or about 10 percent are still on process of conciliation-mediation proceedings under the SENA program.




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