In view of the suspension of work in areas of the country hit by Typhoons  Egay and Falcon on 6-9 July 2015, Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz has issued Labor Advisory No. 5, Series of 2015, containing the guidelines on the Payment of Wages for Private Sector Employees Due to Inclement Weather or Natural Calamities.


Baldoz also advised private sector employers to voluntarily comply with the guidelines and ensure the safety of their employees by providing free transportation personal protective equipment, and first aid medicines during inclement weather or natural calamities.


“The pay rules are issued chiefly in consideration of humanitarian and largely unavoidable, and necessary, grounds in accordance with the decent work standard that encourages productive and efficient workers,” said Baldoz.


“Voluntary compliance with labor laws during exigencies, such as this, eventually redounds to efficiency and productivity,” the labor and employment chief added.


Based on the advisory covering the work suspension due to Typhoon Egay and Falcon on 6-9 July, the following pay rules shall apply:


(a) If unworked:


• No pay, unless there is a favorable company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on said day; and,
• When the employee has accrued leave credits, he/she may be allowed to utilize such leave so that he/she will have compensation on said days.
(b) If worked:
• No additional pay shall be given to the employees but only their salary on said day.


Finally, Baldoz said that “to alleviate the plight of employees in times of crisis, the employers may provide such extra incentives or benefits to employees who reported to work on the said days.”



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