Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday encouraged the public, especially the households, to actively support the conduct of 2015 Census of Population which is slated to start on August 1, and to cooperate in the nationwide celebration of August as National Census Month.


“The Population Census 2015, or POPCEN, is important to national development.  We at the Department of Labor and Employment consider this undertaking as vital in the delivery of our services to the people. The census data help us in the sound formulation of policies and programs,” Baldoz said.


According to the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA), the 2015 Census of Population, which is a complete enumeration of households in the country, is designed primarily to take an inventory of the country’s population.  It will also collect information about some characteristics of the population such as age, sex, marital status, and educational attainment.


POPCEN 2015 will be the 14th census of population to be undertaken in the country since the first census in 1903. Moreover, it will be the 3rd population census to be conducted in between two decennial censuses. Previous to POPCEN 2015, mid-decade censuses were carried out in 1995 and 2007, the PSA had said.


Baldoz also affirmed the POPCEN 2015’s aim to “provide government executives, policy and decision makers, and planners with population data, especially updated population counts of all barangays in the country, on which to base their social and economic development plans, policies, and programs.”


“We are one with the PSA in this 2015 phase of population survey. The DOLE, as part of the Human Development and Poverty Reduction cluster of the government’s executive department, sees this undertaking as crucial to the attainment of an improved quality of life of the Filipinos, she said.


The listing and enumeration for the POPCEN 2015 will last for about 25 working days (including Saturdays and holidays), from August 1 to 31, 2015, according the PSA.


The uses of POPCEN data, according further to PSA, encompass all sectors. For the government, the data from this census will be vital for redistricting and apportioning  congressional seats; allocation of resources and revenues; creation/conversion of political and administrative units; formulation of policies concerning various segments of the population (children, youth, elderly, women of reproductive age, voting age, and working age); and formulation of policies and programs relative to the delivery of basic services, such as health, education, employment, housing, infrastructure, disaster relief, and other socio-economic concerns.


In business and industry, the data will be used for identification of sites for establishing businesses; determination of consumer demands for various goods and services; and improvement of supply of labor for the production of goods and services.


Lastly, PSA said the census data will be also vital to research and academic institutions in their conduct of researches on population and related disciplines; and study of population growth and geographic distribution as bases in preparing population projections at the national and sub-national levels.



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