At the signing of MOU with five E-PhilJobnet partners
Baldoz emphasizes public-private partnership in employment facilitation

Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz yesterday underscored the importance of a dynamic public-private partnership to provide effective employment facilitation   in the country, as she lauded five E-PhilJobnet partners which have agreed to improve the Phil-Job.Net system, and expand access to career guidance and labor market information.

“The active participation of the private sector is of key importance to reach our objectives which is to vigorously address the pressing issue of job-skill mismatch in the country,” said Baldoz during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the DOLE, through the Bureau of Local Employment, with SFI Group of Companies; Career Hub Network Corp.; JobStreet Select, Inc.; Quantum X, Inc.; and The NowGroup at the  OSEC Conference Room, DOLE Building in Intramuros, Manila.

“I am confident that with the support of our private partners, which support this MOU firms up, responsive LMI, not only within the Philippines,  but even at the ASEAN and the Asian regional level and, hopefully,  the global level, will be made available to the public,”  said Baldoz.

In emphasizing active private sector participation private sector to address the job-skill mismatch, Baldoz said: “The government needs your active engagement for us to succeed. We can make a difference by working together to enrich the DOLE-business community partnership towards decent and productive employment for all,” said Baldoz.

As partner organizations, the said companies have agreed, under the MOU, to provide the best career and employment opportunities for jobseekers  free of charge, as well as facilitate  the search for qualified manpower of employers through the Enhanced Phil-Job.Net (E-PJN).

“With the support of our private partners, the DOLE will continue to improve the enhanced Phil-Job.Net System to enable registered jobseekers to reach more employment opportunities at no charge to them,” said Baldoz.

Under the MOU, the SFI Group of Companies, a private conglomerate of six affiliated corporations which has various job site facilities, including online platforms, shall:

1. Provide  a grant to DOLE consisting of five thousand (5,000) free Hirelabs Employability/21st Century Skills Assessment Units for the Phil-Job.Net Applicant Assessment in conducting the pilot implementation of the programs in Learning to Earning, Career Mapping, Talent Mapping,  and Capacity Building of Guidance Counselors;

2. Provide technical assistance in the rebranding and market strategy to generate more users and registrants  of the Phil-Job.Net website;

3. Provide  capacity building/training and learning sessions to DOLE’s Networks of Guidance Counselors and Career Advocates (NGCCAs) using Career DNA as an assessment tool, particularly test administration protocols, and scoring and interpretation of results;

4. Place  the Phil-Job.Net logo  at the SFI Group website’s homepage a hyperlink to Phil-Job.Net website; and

5. Support  the publication of news articles and social media campaigns regarding the Program

Careerhub Network Corp., an online job portal that caters to the Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry, has agreed to:

1. Provide  the DOLE and selected institutionalized PESOs access to use Virtual Solutions for free during employment facilitation activities;

2. Share with the DOLE the database and demographics/profile of BCH registered users that may be relevant in the development of research studies about the IT-BPM industry;

3. Assist the DOLE in disseminating announcements through social media sites, BCH website, as well as through electronic mail and SMS blasts;

4. Share links from its website to provide DOLE access to career information resources in IT-BPM;

5. Provide career speakers for DOLE career guidance advocacy activities and other related events;

6. Allow  directed PJN registered users to view job details of vacancies posted by employers and other career information resources (i.e. career assessment tools, and videos) in the BCH website without any cost on their part; and

7. Place the DOLE and PhilJob.Net  logos at the BCH website

JobStreet Philippines, which operates the online job search portal,, has agreed to support DOLE-LEES and JobsFit Labor Market Information Report 2013-2020 and shall:

1. Promote  the DOLE-LEES video series and JobsFit Report to the public by email blast; e-news article written by; uploading  a homepage web banner or LiNa Banner; posting at social media website; and conduct a Coffee Break Special at Facebook;

2. Provide DOLE with labor market information via the  system; and

3. Arrange for a joint press launch for a Special Local Employment Promotions Campaign.

To help provide information to tech-savvy job searchers/applicants, Quantum X shall:

1.  Develop a co-branded DOLE/  mobile application for iOS and Android which will show  job search and job vacancy results from and from;  schedule of job fairs;   and existing DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) publications available in the BLE website;  and

2. Maintain and update the mobile application in the Apple App Store and Google Play and, jointly with the DOLE, disseminate information and marketing communications on BLE programs.

The NowGroup shall:
1. Provide a platform for free; redesigning  the Phil-Job.Net interface and integrate new functional content;  incorporate  better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices in the system;  hosting, maintaining, and updating  the new Phil-Job.Net system; provide technical assistance in migrating applicants’ profile from the DOLE’s Skills Registry System to the new Phil-Job.Net platform  and  development of the  DOLE inter-agency data sharing system/verification of applicants’ education, training and professional accreditation;

2.      Promote  the Phil-Job.Net to the public via SMS blast; upload of  homepage web banner ; and promote partnership between DOLE and  iTrabaho on Facebook and Twitter; and

3. Provide technical and users’ training to Bureau of Local Employment staff.


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